Racial Jokes on Hawaii Radio Stations

Hi all! There was a recent joke on the radio on one of Hawaii's radio station and the joke was heard by several people and it went like this: how long does it take a Micronesian to take out trash? 9 months.
This type of Nasty "joke" must be stopped and I have some people helping me to write letters to boycott these stations so if you heard it too please let me know when you heard it and when and what station. I know there are jokes every day about Micronesians on the radio. Please post them here. These people helping are not Micronesians and even they are offended.

Thank you we need to unite!!!


  • Don't be afraid to post the name of the radio stations and when you heard it there will be no consequences.

    Thank you!!!
  • offensive to some, but very true to most. still, a joke's a joke. here's one that might get some people riled up.

    Two women are sitting quietly in a room, minding their own business.
  • I'm sorry but don't understand your point.
  • The joke might be offensive, but it is still true to some people. It's not like the station totally fabricated it. A lot of mironesians do have a lot of their trash hangin around longer than it's suppose to. All The Kihrifi is saying is he understand where that station is coming from, however tasteless the joke might be. But still, it's ajoke, shouldnt take it too seriously.
  • Oceangirl,
    Dont waste your time on DISCRIMINATING, Ignorant, two face, stuckup, group of FASCIST -nazi like people. Let them think what they think of us..we'll see what happens to them at the end of this life..
  • What do you call a pretty Hawaiian Girl?

  • I understand but if they continue to do this it does not improve our conditions here. I'm not exaggerating but they are crossing the line every day and getting bolder in their comments. There's a point when enough is enough. I'm not saying all jokes have to stop because all cultures have idiosyncrasies but there's a difference between joking and making hateful remarks.

  • The joke was not about trash per se it's about a Micronesian woman giving birth to thrash. That is why it's. Out of line.
  • if they've been doing that for a while, then it's a whole different story. u should be offended. and The Kihrifi agrees with u, hateful remarks are not funny, exclamation mark.
  • Here is one from my home.
    What do you call a 13 yr. old girl in Arkansas that can outrun her brother?
    Ans.: a virgin
  • They wouldn't get away saying something like that about japanese, Hawaiians, and Afro-americans. The inference of the joke was about a Micronesian woman giving birth to trash. Sorry I can't be passive about this.
  • rzrback,
    The Kihrifi doesn't think Billy Bob'll appreciate ur sense of humor. lol.
  • which station is that, do they have a website?
  • If they think they're simply harmless jokes, then let's make our own jokes on them.

    Here's an Hawaiian Driver's License Application:

    Enjoy! :-)

    Please try fo complete dis as best as you can.

    Last name:

    [if your last name no fit, continue on da oddah side of da page.]

    First name:

    [ ] Junior
    [ ] Junior Boy
    [ ] J.B. (short for Jr. Boy)
    [ ] Honey Girl
    [ ] Tita
    [ ] Sista
    [ ] Bradda
    [ ] Sista-Girl

    What year you went grad: ____
    (if unsure, try guess)


    [ ]M
    [ ]F
    [ ]Mahu
    [ ]None

    Slippa size: ____ Left ____ Right


    [ ]Small kine
    [ ] Mejum
    [ ] Small kine big
    [ ] Momona


    [ ] Blind as one bat
    [ ] Bad, but not dat bad
    [ ] She go!
    [ ] Black and Blue


    [ ] Construction worka
    [ ] Sanitation Engineer
    [ ] Surfa
    [ ] Lei greeter
    [ ] Waitress
    [ ] Stripper
    [ ] Un-employed
    [ ] Bishop Estate Trustee

    Spouse’s Name:


    2nd Spouse’s Name:


    3rd Spouse’s Name:


    Lover’s Name:


    2nd Lover’s Name:



    [ ] Hawaiian
    [ ] Popolo
    [ ] Japanese
    [ ] Filipino
    [ ] Haole
    [ ] Portagee if yes; explain why:
    [ ] Pake if yes; explain why:
    [ ] All da above

    Numba of children living in household: ______

    Numba of children living in your household das not yours: _____

    Number of children that stay bumming off of you das over 23 years old: ______

    Mother’s Name:


    Father’s Name:


    Edumacation: (Circle highest grade completed)

    1 2 3 4

    If you obtained one higher edumacation what was your major?

    [ ] 5th grade [ ] 6th grade

    Cawheelas you own and where dey stay:

    ___ Total number of cawheelas you own

    ___ Number of cawheelas that still crank ova

    ___ Number of cawheelas wit rust

    ___ Number of cawheelas no mo rust

    ___ Number of cawheelas on cement blocks

    ___ Number of cawheelas stay held together with duct tape.

    Age you started fo drive: ______

    (If over 10, slow learner ?): [ ] Yes [ ] No

    Do you have a surf rack?

    [ ] Yes [ ] No; If no, please explain:

    Color of teeth:

    [ ] Yellow
    [ ] Brownish-Yellow
    [ ] Brown
    [ ] Black
    [ ] N/A

    How far is your home from a paved road?

    [ ] 1 miles
    [ ] 2 miles
    [ ] don’t know

    Distance between you and da beach? ____

    Do you live on beach front property but don’t own a house or the land? [ ] Yes [ ] No

    Please explain:

    How many times have you gotten away with a DUI this year because you were related to da policeman?____

    How much pakalolo do you smoke a day?

    [ ] 1 joint
    [ ] 2 joints
    [ ] would smoke but cost more den gold.

    How much beer do you drink a day?

    [ ] 6 pack
    [ ] 12 pack
    [ ] 18 pack
    [ ] case

    How do you know that you had too much to drink?

    [ ] You fall out of da car when da policeman opens da car door.
    [ ] Da keg is empty.
    [ ] You Haole but your eyes look like de from one Japanese.
    [ ] When you piss, da bugga smell like Budweiser.
    [ ] All of the above.
  • What makes you think it is about childbirth? It didn't say a Micronesian woman. Somebody might have just arbitrarily picked 9 mos. and didn't think about the human gestation period. You might be reading more into it than is intended. Hawaii is famous for its ethnic jokes. Phil., Japanese, Port., etc. The are all kinds of comedians downtowm Hono making a living telling those jokes in clubs.
  • it's called, "freedom of expression". that's what comedians make their life out of. it's not illegal at all. in fact it is constructive for you and me if we can wake up to it.
  • oh dear, u gone done it now. r-e-acf is gonna break out those conspiracies and one world dominations thingies. lol.
  • Ok jokes are jokes these are out of line please don't hijack my thread with other jokes. I would just like to dialogue with people of what they hear that are hateful and what radio station. Look the inferences of the jokes were clear.
  • If you see an Hawaiian man and a black man in the same car, who do you think is driving?

    A Policeman.
  • Oceangirl,

    My bad. No hijacking at all. Just tryna cheer you up. Relax, and keep your chin up. You're better than they think! :-)
  • Freedom of expression on the radio is good even the FCC cannot regulate that since it's not considered obscene and profane. My point here is this: there's a fine line between funny and racial epithets although guises under a joke. We are already a hated group of people here why should the radio stations be allowed to perpetuate that hate! I think it's crazy. I shop at some of the stores they advertise on those radio stations now I refuse to shop at those stores if they are supporting those radio stations spewing forth those hateful comments. Trust me my money speaks and if my money speaks and don't support those stores and I let my voice be known? Guess how radio stations are supported through advertisers.
  • Thanks prince. I know I'm pretty liberal but it's getting worse here.
  • c'mon oceangirl, they make jokes about every nationalities here, btw one of the local favorite comedian(Augie T) who is also a radio host is pilipino hawaiian and he made fun of his own kine and mostly the soles(samoans). just tune in and lol.
  • LOL what's a Cawheelas...too funny.
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    You folks are too sensitive. Watch Dave Chapelle he will change your outlook on comedy condemnation. It's alright to learn to even laugh at our own selves.
  • Oceangirl,

    Okay, you know the situation there better than I do since you live there, or do you?

    I guess, we Micronesians just have to suck it up and try harder to be decent people in their homeland so that eventually, what is being stereotyped about us can one day change for the better. Yup, you're probably going to say it is easier said than done but you just got to keep trying. It's their turf and they can do as they please and in most cases if you make it an issue, don't be surprise if their authorities simply shrug it off believing that it is nothing serious. Reach out to your fellow Micros there and hold community meetings to address not the Radio Jokes but on how YOU and the rest can change the current impression the Hawaiians have on us.

    A simple way is to establish a Micronesia-Hawaii Association where you and your group of interested Micronesians could start some fund raiser activity to raise funds to give back to your HOST, in ways like maybe, new wheel chairs for the Hospital or import your abundance of local delicacies from the FSM to cook for the needy Hawaiian citizens there and etc. Just some ideas to change the perspective of being labeled the unproductive group of habitats in Hawaii. I am sure a lot of you FSM citizens there are employed and are productively paying taxes to the Hawaiian Government and etc., but you still have to expect and understand that people are ignorant at times, only paying attention to faults and not appreciative of the good things their guest contribute to their country.

    Here in Pohnpei, we have the Filipino Association that donates funds through their own fund raising activities to various events (international and local) in Pohnpei. They also run an annual friendship basketball tournament that has borne not only interest from local enthusiast ball players but we've seen gradual friendship develop between the locals and the Filipino community. Something in that sense, try it out and see what happens. Good luck. :-)
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    i like your da kine a da jokes a, i alos like your view i think it will make a big difference if our micronesain community in honolulu actually does what you are recommenting. i can see a big turn out, we also need to realize that not all hawaiians are haters, i lived in hawaii over ten years and i know alot of freindly and kind hawaiians, samoans, tongans, haoles, pilipinos,etc.
  • They're picking on Micronesians now? lol Well if any of you lived in Hawaii in the 80's and 90's, you'll know that they used to pick on Filipinos, Samoans and Portuguese (po-ta-gee). I think it's just a "rite of passage" of some sort. Whenever there's an influx of immigrants, no matter where they're from, they'll get picked on. So this decade, it may be Micronesians, but in the next decade it'll be some other race. Let's not take it too seriously =) I remember Lanai Boy and some of the other Samoan radio personalities "baggin" on each others race back in the day. It's nothing new, and it's nothing to take to heart. They fancy themselves as comedians hehe =)
  • I like the idea of bringing together Micronesians and Hawaii residents to get some ideas on how to help the problem. As compact funding continues to decrease, Hawaii is only going to get more and more Micronesians which will amplify the hatred and bad speech.

    The compact gives some "impact funds" to Hawaii to deal with increased health care costs but not enough. We need more ideas to reduce crime, better health, and more jobs for Micronesians in Hawaii and at home.

    Government on both sides has not helped the problem. Private citizens should organize and start coming up with ideas.
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