Can someone confirm this rumor? Several container loads of beer recently washed ashore on reefs near an atoll in either the FSM or Marshall islands. Residents of these tiny islands have reportedly been drunk since the containers were discovered moored on nearby reefs located next to their islands. Anyone know which islands found these containers of beer?


  • dohper,
    the rumor you heard may be the incident in the 80's that happened in the pafeng area in chuuk when ballets of cases of beers washed ashore on of the small islands out there. people got drunk and some brought some of the cases of beers to weno island and sold them to the stores.
  • How can a cargo container floats? Sounds like a riddle to me than a rumor...false radio station!
  • Atepas,
    A friend from Chuuk (Hall islands) once told me about that incident in the 1980's. He said when the people saw these beer cans floating near their island, the leaders of the municipality (mayor, councilmen etc) told the young men to go gather and bring them to the island. Many of the cans were brought to a certain place but some were hidden (buried in the sand) on the other side of the island by the young men. At night, especially when the full moon would be up, these men would go to the other side of the island, dug up their beers and enjoy the night (but no ice). He said that was quite and enjoyable experience. They would all go back home after midnight zig-zagging on the narrow paths.
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