Have you seen this done by any Micronesians?

Have you ever seen Micronesians do this in person? link to video Can you count how many times it comes out? Is this a normal human natural reflex?

If you've watched Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel, you will notice that although the show is being filmed in the freezing cold seas around Alaska, you can hardly see any of the crew members and captains flick their tongues out like the guy in the video. Why is this?


  • They call it Dystonia of the tongue it is a syndrome that causes a muscle to flick or more like a spasm that is involuntary. In such situation is too much and I it seems under his own control but I just do not know. In speech they call it the distractive expression that maybe of his benefit to access the information from his memory while speaking. It is a signal within itself for its own purpose and it does distract any audience. Dystonia of the tongue which I can call it the Burning tongue syndrome is common in people born in UK. This guy seems a descendant of UK so it is possible that he inherited such gene. I do hope he review this tape so that next time he will try to avoid doing such behavior on camera.
  • Buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah!

  • Nonesense!... He is teasing his audience and nobody notice it. lol..
  • lol@reptilian tongue-serwa topic et koanohang in here? guys, the tongue is also for a quick lip moisturizer lol.
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