get your surfboards out!


  • Dohper

    You're one of my favorite forumer, but as a dial-up user on Pohnpei, I'd love if you simply summarize those links because our dial-up connectivity is becoming a snail-pace connection. Anyway I was on Kosrae the other week and looking at the waves on the reef gave me the urge to pull out my surf board which I kept it in my head. Interesting though, while most people on the outer islands are worrying about the rising tides, the surfers just love them. We should plan to go out to Palikir Pass and you surf while I watch. Lol!
  • Surf board?

    Nah. that's for the white boys. I'm riding my bamboo raft!
  • nah,,i need to husk my coconut and feed my pigs,,
  • Bamboo raft?

    Nah, thats for boys with light tans. I'm riding my shark! lol.
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