Since no one else is saying it, i'd like to wish him a happy birthday instead of a merry christmas.


  • I totally agreed with you Dohper! This Christmas thing is somewhat commercial and most of them aren't really wishing Him a birthday wish... here it goes "Happy Birthday to Sir!".
  • Dohper/Janitor, it's not His real birthday, therefore it's not happy birthday, rather, it's His day therefore it's merry christmas.
  • Happy birth day for christmas is not in order anymore. he is gone and departed long ago.
  • What ever the message may be your choice of word to acknowlege the event let it be. If you at least appreciate that you know that there is a Christ that born to save you from your sins just be glad and rejoice. If you apply Chinese confucious thoughts toward this event. The least you can mess with is the season. The reason behind it is not for anyone to miss. If you miss the point of Christmas you will miss the point of salvation as well. There always a beginning and the end. If this Christmas never existed then where will we end up at if we never recognize it. Just words for you to think about. Are we really showing our thanks and appreciations to he who deserve our praise. Or we want to make comments and yet still go our ways and do all the old sins we still live in. Remember if you do not know what is Christmas for you will not know where your soul will rest either. Happy New year to you all!!!!!!!!!!!
  • your a little late in wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday. It was months ago.
  • i celebrate Christ birthday everyday(new day).not only Dec which is not the correct month...
  • What is Christmas to you? To some people, it's all about coming together and have barbeque, exchange gifts and drinking alcohol. Remember it's not your birthday so therefore it's not about you. it's not about what pleases you or what pleases your friends and family. It's about the person we say this birthday is for. so we should bring gifts, come to church and be with, and just do what will please him because it is his birthday.

    December is not his birth month. Ok, that we don't know.

    but at least we're celebrating a day for him, just like when we go to church to worship and celebrate the day he completes creating the world.

    so what is wrong with wishing a birthday wish
  • I DON'T BELIEVE IN WISH AND LUCK! hite,,,i didn't say anything about me! did i mentioned "your birthday"? dump ass...
  • Sinner,

    If you read what I wrote down, there's no where there that i mention your name. I wasn't talking about you. the world doesn't revolve around you. and please look up the meaning of the word "wish" before you say something. i'm sorry that what i wrote down offended you. it takes one dumb ass to be offended by it.

    Santa teaches us about loving, sharing and caring. A grand feast on the Eve of Christmas starts of this joyous day. We "worship" his teachings at our own "home-temples" by erecting his "Christmas tree of life" filled with offerings and decorations.
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