micsem.org and yokwe.net websites compared

This is yokwe.net website This is micsem.org website
This is yokwe.net forum You're looking at micsem.org's forum

By comparison, micsem looks a bit outdated and old-fashioned compared to yokwe.net website and forum. Maybe time to hire or get a real web-admin?

In Belau, they have a weekly TV news show that broadcasts not only local news with video reports from local journalists but also news from all over the world.

Micsem's work with Micronesian history is well appreciated. But, nowadays, the world moves very fast and in order to keep up with everything we need a good FSM based website to provide us with updated relevant local news. Micsem and Kpress need to upgrade and provide more content. Or maybe we need a new website that is comparable or similar to yokwe.net


  • Independent media is taboo in the FSM. Just ask Sherry O'Sullivan.
  • Before she got deported back to canada, Sherry's articles exposed the embezzling of public resources by members of FSM Congress, then and now.
  • Oh man, I wonder why she got deported? That's a shame! How sad!
  • Yokwe forum is probably sponsored by government funding (some of which are stolen), while Micsem is largely a private agency and is involved in a lot of activities while granting us a free-forum to talk and gossip. Have a pleasant holiday!
  • I appreciate both sites, and they're both excellent.
    But Dohper Benjamin, you can't compare the two websites at this moment.
    Why, I just visited Yokwe.net and it just had a nice face-lift for the Holidays! The earlier website layout was, I have to admit, an eyesore.
    MicSem website is quite old--I forgot when they upgraded the layouts--but its style is quite modern for its time and would have made Digital Mediums proud.
    I'm proud of both websites, that I'll say.
  • you should compare yokwe.net to fsmnews.net, because micsem.org is for the micronesia region (not nation), meaning that it's for the marshalls also. yokwe.net is especially for the marshalls..in other words, one n.g.o is tailored for the region and the other for a nation within the region. by the way, fsmnews.net is non-existent. if there are any news website for the fsm, as a whole, it is probably run and censored by government, and as a result, criminal organizations within fsm governments are often unexposed, unless such an exposure benefits a political party within the national government.
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