going home for R&R, Passport or ID Card W/Orders

hey guys, do i really need to bring my passport to enter FSM or what?
do we have any other options?


  • U need ur passport to get ur travel finalized in Kuwait. They won't issue any travel orders to the FSM without ur passport. They farthest they'll get u without passport is Hawaii, after that ur on ur own. One of The Kihrifi's soldiers tried that in Aug, they wouldn't cut travel orders for him to KSA without a passport. He ended up going back to Fort Campbell for his R&R.
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    thanks kihriffi

    do u mean they'll still pay for the ticket to go fsm but i have to coordinate with the custom in hawaii myself to fly out to fsm??
    block 6 on DA31, does it still be FSM without passport or they will have to change it??
  • No, they'll pay to Hawaii only, you have to pick up the tab after that.
    Bring your id/w orders too..Military discount mac kom oru an in KSA!
  • dude, i lost mine..lol.

    damnn it.. hey kacl ngac ruh fukah in ma sasu..lol..
    for real man, apkuran..
  • cooler,

    If you are coming straight from Iraq then you will need your FSM passport. If you are taking MAC flight from the states to Guam, you don't need it. All you need is your leave papers and your military id.
  • bro, if you lost your passport?- your "behind" will stuck in KSA.lol honestly the process of getting a new one takes a little while- expedite 4 months mac kom oru an! But hey there's always a waiver for everything! talk to your chain of command and go from there. Have fun ke R&R lom! esam kosro nak an
  • It is part of the Transportation Security/Homeland Security on keeping tap on terrorism....
  • Guess it depends on who's on duty...
    Both islands (Ksa and Pni) tilokinyuwi a siyuk ke ID. Nga fosak ke srpen, I got the same look, same color, dont speak proper English BUT still didnt make the cut (I even changed in Hawaii)..... dang even my own classmate demanded for my passport at the aiport..... REALLY?!... thought it was a joke but I was WRONG big time.... so yeah, bring your passport all the way. For a second, I thought they think I was a Taliban...lol.
  • Why would you not have your passport? If it is stolen or lost, you need to initiate replacement process while you are still there... go to the FSM Embassy website, down load that form, fill it out and then take it the JAG office. You should be able to verify your citizenship thru documentation with the military. If you are able to do that, JAG office can notarize it for you. The US Arm Forces can't force you not to go home, if you are able to verify your citizenship... connect with FSM Embassy in DC and/or here in Hawaii and enlist their assistance... YOU SHOULD GO HOME, IF THAT IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO AND HAVING NO PASSPORT SHOULD NOT STOP YOU!! You need to be more responsible, why would you lose such a very important document? Next time, make copies and notarize it with JAG office and keep them as true copies, it would not take the place of your real passport but at least it would help in verifying WHO YOU ARE...

    FSM should make some special effort to assist those in the service who needs such assistance... to expedite the process. If you have never use your JAG office, now is the time to do so!!

    Check out that website and start the process ... but US and FSM should make effort to help those GIs who truly want to go visit family, (if they are deployed, or are returning from deployment)... we may not all support the WARS in the Middle East, but we must always support our troops...

    Good luck, thank you for your service..
    'Rock solid!!"
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    thanks guys, i just got my passport replaced not too long ago.
    i did the same process that mentioned by CJ but dont just
    send ur application and wait, keep calling those guys at FSM
    immigration cuase i'll be honest with u their customer service
    is way behind. i spent almost 100 dollars for calling cards just to
    call them and have them check their emails plus to get the update for my passport
    while my application was still sitting on their desk for months collecting dust, I did send them email and they
    never respond, In fact it takes few days to review the application and print out a new one,
    you just have to make sure they start working on it. The best way is to call the FSM embassy in
    Washinton DC and have them call for you while ur deployed.
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    I want me some kosro ngalngul ac pig um!!!sefiac sko na fana mwesrik ngen fin wo fasr lun eng u nga km ac hi 5 lac eee ingoh! enjoy!!
  • i got two kosro reserved already.
  • @shito17............what da heck is this???

    i wonder if you and your fake ass passport been through Guam? i hardly believe they will let your ass pass with your fake shit. but is not my place to worry about what you do, believe it or not you're going down one way or the other!

  • @cooler ....ooh no, them people would not reply to your email if you pay them a million dollar! lol
    i did same crab. bought phone cards called them nearly harassed them to tell me whats the hold up on m

    y pp. lol they surely sent it right on epress mail. ehehe
    im sorry but they need to do a better job
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