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  • I heard and saw many vehicles gathered outside of a small restaurant in a village on the way to the national government. According to gossip, they were principals and school officials from Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Kosrae, attending a principal meeting that addresses something to do with accredititing the FSM schools.

    I thought it was a funeral in that village, but I was wrong. I am looking forward to reading any press release from FSMPIO on that nationwide meeting. This was last week!
  • Charlotte

    The village is called Sekere and the meeting, as you implied, was a principal institute and it was conducted for the benefits of the school principals and officials in dealing with school accreditations; a requirement pressured by the Congress to ensure the improved conditions of all the 240 schools (public and private) in the nation. I heard that Sekere All-Inclusive Elementary School was one of the project schools selected under the President's Bridging Gaps School Partnership Project; a pilot project to assist in developing the School Accreditation System at the national level.

    Yes, there were participants from Yap, Chuuk and Kosrae that joined some of the Pohnpeian principals and officials in the institute. I congratulate them All for their participation.
  • Dohper

    While we're on educational news, here is one that requires the national department of education to meet its grant conditions as imposed by JEMCO resolution that requires submission by January 31, 2011: a) National scholarship reform and data system; b) Strategy Plan for Vocational Education; c) Action Plans from the FSM States and National Government on their job audit reports; d) Chuuk Long-term Education Reform Plan.

    I am almost sure the institute as presented above by Charlotte and Meruja was part of their grant conditions. The question now is "Will the national and state departments of education fulfill their grant conditions?"
  • According to rumors, the national government been without a president for weeks, even months. Now, let's ask FSMPIO where is the president.

    According to earlier rumors last Summer, Chuuk delegation have lost their interests in supporting the president, thus he has to campaign and lobby even harder to at least make it back into the Congress. The Congress also adopted a resolution for him to terminate three (3) of his cabinet members who overexpended their annual budgets.

    Now his chance of being re-elected back into the presidency is highly questioned, unless Chuuk delegation would change their minds and reinstate their supports of the president before the election date in March, 2011.
  • The question that the Chuukese have toward the President is the question whether US is running the National Department of Education and the States Departments of Education. Why is JEMCO demanding educational reforms, why not the FSM Governments? Is Obama the President of FSM or Manny Mori? Manny Mori is great in criticizing educational ystem in Chuuk as well as his own national department of education. What has he done to help education in FSM? The teachers are questioning his support. He has let the US JEMCO to dictate what will happen to FSM people. The buy out in education chuuk is hurting families of employees as well as the economic. He is on big question for reelection.
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