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  • sinner,
    when you say around Idaho areas, are you talking about Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Colorado?
    as far as i know--there are quite a few people living in the areas of Ogden Utah, Salt Lake, and some in cities in Colorado such as Alamosa, Grand Junction, Denver etc etc. Not sure about Wyoming. Your best bet is to contact Weber State University in Ogden Utah and Idaho State in Pocatello, ID not sure about the spell of Pocatello. I also know that some Micronesian used to live in Southern Utah--- not sure if they're still there. Good luck on your searching. BTW, quite a number of Chuukese in the Ogden and SLC areas
  • I am in Wyoming & I went to school in Pocatello, Idaho. I have lots of palauan kins there and some yapese and kosraens.
    There are also more in Boise. Where in Idaho are you going to?
  • Sinner, you need to be
  • There are some Pohnpeians there but not sure of the exact location.
  • you might get luck by calling the LDS radio station and ask them. They're pretty good abut things in that nature.
  • theres a whole bunch of them down south Idaho and up North dont mistake them for Mexicans LOL
  • Ok,
    there is a guy married to a Caucasian lady. He's name is Bernard Faggeltafag, he's from yap. They live in Burley, ID
  • Used too Fagaldefeg is now in Yap...cpl of Mashallese family there though
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