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My name is Jameson Yalap from Palau, last year in June a small private school called the High School of the Pacific (HSP) located in Kona, Hawaii was closed down due to the worldwide recession. The High School of the Pacific comprised of 38 students from different island nations of the Pacific region such as RMI, FSM. Palau, Tonga, Solomon Islands, PNG, Samoa and Hawaii. The school was founded in 2004 by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, whom is also the founder of the Unification Movement. The school is in no way a mission school. It is strictly non-sectarian and does not discriminate people of other faiths. Anyway, every year since 2004 they would go to the islands to recruit some of the brightest kids to attend HSP granted a full scholarship, and I was one of them. Actually I didn't pass the tests they always give out, but I was fortunate enough that the school Administrator Anne-Marie Mylar read my e-mail explaining how badly I wanted to go to HSP. I thank God she read my e-mail because I really wanted to go so badly and I did. Okay moving on, so I went to Hawaii in 2008 and I began my freshman year there. HSP was a very diverse and gifted school. I got the chance to learn so many things and broaden my vision from the people that I met in HSP. I learned how to speak a few Micronesian, Melanesian and Polynesian dialect and we had so much fun but of course school work was challenging but our teachers were very supportive and caring. My freshman class was so small, I had 8 classmates including myself inside it and I loved it. HSP was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I'm sure all of the students. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn't believe was given to me and I thank God for it. Unfortunately in April of 2009 the school board announced the school will no longer proceed after the school year is finished. HSP recieved 2 million annually from Unification Church organizations in Japan and Korea and because of the economic crisis they could no longer support the school so it had to close down. When we heard the news our school was closing down, my whole world came tumbling down. All that I had hoped for and worked hard for felt like it didn't matter anymore. It was really hard for me because I tried so hard to get in and I didn't pass the tests but I was able to get in because of my e-mail, and because I was so attached to everybody and the fact that I was going to graduate from this prestigious school and be all geared up and ready to go to a top university. To this day I never stop thinking about the school and my friends. I'm still in a state of denial and depression. I tried contacting organizations and notable wealthy people to help but no success. Please anybody there who can help my school! Please!!! Anybody who knows someone who can help!!


  • Kona,

    what's your real name?
  • I think that you school needs a better manager. I think there are other schools that are bigger, but yet run on a smaller budget. It may be that those schools are just not sophisticated as HSP, but it's possible.
  • Kona,

    There is/are reason (s) for everything. You need to move on. Let the school managers to figure out means to revive this small & new with million $ budget school. Mr. Moon needs to find other schools for you that he brought to Kona........
  • Hi My real name is Uong Jameson Yalap as mentioned in my post. Yes, I know I have to move on but it's very hard. Having to meet a group of 37 students from all over the Pacific, and learning about each other and putting down barriers and become family it's so hard to let that go. Sometimes I would go on Facebook and pictures of my friends and HSP would pop up and I would feel depressed. I cannot stop thinking about HSP. I know there's a reason for everything and you are right. Life for me has never been the same ever since. Thanks though!
  • Kona,

    My sympahty to you and your 37 classmates in regards to the closure of HSP, but I admired your positive attidute of 'moving forward'. Yes, everything has a reason both good and bad.

    May I asked: Do you have any idea why the school closed? Have you ever wonder the school founder and his background? If not, click Wikipedia and see for yourself.
  • Kona,

    One suggestion would be to find a team with the same passion as yours to start fundraising for the school. Maybe you can seek out the former staff of the school to help. You'll need to think about how much (money and manpower) it will cost to get the school back, and how much (money and manpower) it will take to keep it running. Good luck on that...

    And this might be fake but you should probably check this site out or google "high school of the pacific"...

    "This cult group, better known as the “Moonies”, has a long history of trying to infiltrate the islands of the Pacific. They have been spreading money around with promises to build buildings, etc. with a cover story about helping “families”. The “Family Federation For World Peace and Unification”, another of Moon’s organizations, tried establish a foothold in the Marshall islands some time ago by offering to build youth recreational facilities. They met with limited success in Kwajlein because some Christians saw through Moon’s ploy of trying to get into the islands and start brainwashing islanders with his heretical doctrines. But recently they also met with the Governor of Chuuk and presented what they are doing., and one of the administrators of HSP is now Chuukese They also went to Lukinor, Satawon, Kosrae, Pohnpei, the Marshalls, Palau and Yap. The documented photo evidence of this is currently on their web site." - Sandy Simpson (

    Can you explain this? Is is a hoax? I'm not saying it's true, but i'm just curious as to why someone would take the time to publish an article like that...

    Well, nevertheless, good luck,

  • lol
    I smelled molestation at the school. lol go to Harrington High School man, it is a free school and good as others, including yours.
  • why did it cloze?? watta shame =.=
  • Thanks Matt for supplying additional informations about Mr. Moon ( which I found it very shocking. I hoped all forumers conduct self-studies on both sites by google Wikipedia also on Rev. Sun Myung Moon for more indepth informations how this so-called Unification Movement started.
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