Pohnpei's Black Pepper

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Attention All Pohnpeians,

What can you tell me about Pohnpei's Black Pepper? I heard rumors that Pohnpei’s black pepper is the best, or one of the best black peppers in the world! I heard that Emeril John Lagasse (a famous chef; TV show: Emiril Live) praised highly of Pohnpei’s black pepper during one of his shows or maybe somewhere in his cook books. Although the rumors may sound unbelievable, I would like to hear your side of the story. This is basically a type of research for me so please share as much as you know and a little of what you think.


  • The following link should be more authoratative: http://www.kestrelgrowth.com/Pohnpei-Pepper/About-Pohnpei-Pepper.php
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    you know, i thought of that in the near past. i love cooking, so personally i love pni black pepper and i envy pohnpei for a property they have and we don't. one or few discouragement, if there is any, shouldn't put a halt to anything you find precious to yourself. i personally believe that the pohnpei pepper is truly a treasure. just needs a better marketing strategy.
  • That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

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  • Truly, pohnpei black pepper ranks among the world's best. However, no discussion of Pohnpei's black pepper is complete without tackiling the marketing problems it faces as well as lawsuits involving investors and the State Government. Would anyone care to give an update of the market (and the lawsuits)?
  • I can tell you that the Pohnpeian Black paper call "Leprae" is what cause all the skin disorter in some people at the hospital. some say that the bacteria call mycobacterium lepreae is what few people have died from....the product is said to be contaminated by chiken feces, pigs feces and other manours....sorry to be the first to announced such horrible story...I am the nurse working midnight shift.
  • Is that the reason why there's so many people infected with the desease Leprosy?
    wheew, avoid palikir at cost...can you imagine having all your finger and toes fall off one after another? wakakakaka
  • Gee whiz, Mok. Where you get the info from?
  • I really don't like the sound of the word "Pohnpei" In chuuk, it means smell of my armpit or something in that effect...I'd rather stick with Ponape...but then again, that too have its meaning: Ponape...it means smell fighting..lol
  • Easy Moke....what is your beef?...why are you so pissed off. Maybe, if we can understand this situation we can come to an understanding of what we need to do to resolve our problems.
  • ey mok..in pohnpei, we say "ruk" for chuuk...it literally means "hide." So why don't u do just that cuz dis thread isn't for haters..
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  • Wow Islamike you're a lucky man! lol
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  • soju, could you please provide some medical and/or scientific evidence before attacking one of pohnpei's vital resources? you mean to say that such bacteria from manure fertilizers contaminate pohnpei black peppers but not other crops/vegetation? i mean come on, common-sense is what separate us from the rest of the animals right? you're attacking pohnpei black pepper like that and you're a NURSE working the midnight shifts? could we get some official documents on this from cdc (centers for disease control) or any other appropriate agency? i agree with imapni, if it's true that some peppers were contaminated with the said bacteria, those peppers were most likely processed in contaminated areas. please, let's stick with the truth and keep in mind that imapni is asking us to "share as much as we KNOW and as little as we THINK."
  • I love black pepper! It is simply the accent of a dish. "If nothing else pepper it". Pohnpei has alot riding on it's shoulders. The product is already worldwide famous. Pohnpei accent the rest of FSM into view-face it, it brings Micronesia into world fame. Therefore, the producers the state and even the feds, yes the FSM pundits have to make sure the product is safe as per FDA guidlines.
  • It is true that the marketing aspect of Pohnpei pepper remains a problem. Many local pepper farmers have given up in pepper plantations because of this. Pepper is not a main farm product of Pohnpei. It was introduced and because of Pohnpei's rich mineral in soil content, pepper corns came out quite aromatic and tasty (spicy).

    Pohnpei was not only taken notice of its pepper. Recently, Pohnpei's State Banana, the KARAT and swamp taro (mwang) have surprised many health and nutritionist from Europe and the United States for its high content of vitamin A. In the old days, the KARAT is a common traditional first baby's food. It is no wonder we have many pretty serepeins and handsome men like me.

    Now, how about some Karat and mwang for lunch? Especially tasty with sashimi, sprinkled with Pohnpei pepper. yum, yum, :-P
  • my goodness, this topic quickly went racist.

    It is true that the peppers weren't treated properly in the beginning. That's why there was a huge decline. Mostly because it was the local/private farmers who harvested their personal crops without properly going through standard procedures.

    hope they sanitize the factory and continue putting Pohnpei on the map.
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  • What don't stop!

    Get those peppers into the market. After you go through the proper proceedings of course (sanitation).
  • how much does a kg. cost? Free counters!Free counters!
  • HONEST stories...

    I have no idea Idea Pohnpei have Black peppers and they're selling black peppers. I've cross with a lot of strangers from many different places on this planet. Surprisingly when I introduce myself I always said I am Micronesian and always got my attention for a strange and a bit more exciting response from them strangers.. OH WE KNOW WHERE THAT IS.. WE HAVE BLACK PEPPERS SENDS FROM THERE. Some be saying they order Black Peppers from Pohnpei, some said they know somebody that friend with a tourist and the tourist friend hook them up with Pohnpei Black Peppers. At first, I thought it was stupid and they're just messing with Micronesia till I kept running into strangers with the same reaction and I look into it and finally tried it...its kina strong....

    I taste it but never had it with my food but HONESTLY!! I am telling you the truth... wzup with the Black Peppers from Pohnpei? if its good??? then organize it and use it...
  • It is no secret, Pohnpei black pepper is one of the best in the world. Some people claim that it is an ancient aphrodisiac that was once used by ancient Egyptians to promote fertility.
  • i season my food with it everyday but never once did i get sick from it. i buy my pohnpei black peppers online at http://www.pohnpeicoconut.com/international/foodproducts.htm.
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