I constantly bump into more and more of us here on island. We're a small and tight-knit bunch in the military and I was wondering if any of you guys or girls would be interested in getting together sometimes and instead of just the regular bbq and drinks, see what we can do to help better each other in our careers and also see what we can do for our micronesian community on island. We get send out all over the world to help other ppl and make a difference in their lives. why not help our own while we can with what we can? If anybody's interested, hit me up and let's start brainstorming.


  • Nahn invite that guy who was grunting around without a shirt trying to pick a fight at the Kosraen party. I am pretty sure Child Justice would be more than glad to provide the venue that will hold such a gathering of infidels (me included).
  • Nahn Ninse,
    You were there yourself and looked very sick. You turned white all over when the shirtless warrior was moving toward you and that haole waihine. Anyway, come to the chuukese get together this weekend in Waimanalo for a real party. Come with that waihine and who ever cares to join the fun. kilisou chapur
  • Lol@robin. Lmfao @ shirtless warrior from Kosrae. Funny when you say a Kosraen warrior I think of tangerines. Ok where in Waimanalo?
  • Ninse,
    So it's that funny to think of a kosraen warrior as a tangerin fruit, eh. Well, just come and enjoy the chuukese flavor. Right on the Job Corps compound in Waimanalo, sir.
  • mai, I know that your invitation is only for servicemen...I'm a civilian that is very interested in joining your group. I'll give that Kosraean tangerine warrior a little sisterly advise. Willing to lend my service for a better future for all micros in HI.

    send your contacts: kulo & thnx for your initiative
  • tgfagota,

    by no means did i mean to exclude everyone else. I just wanna get our micronesian military community more involved with our local ones and if they already are then I want in on it too. Good way for our young island troops to give back to our micro community and not blow their whole paychecks on booze during the wknds..lol All and any help is always welcomed.


    It's soldiers like that one from that weekend I'm trying to reach out to. sometimes these kids come out fresh after basic and are bit too gung ho, think they rule the world, and lose the respect they were taught at home before becoming badasses for uncle sam.
  • How about Micronesians in the security guard services? They are plentiful and contribute to the safety and welfare of other people's money. Let's bring them in. Also, Micronesians who wear a uniform of any sort, whether it be McDonald's uniform or Janitor's uniform...they are part of the micro uniformed services...Hand Salute!!
  • Mai,

    I think this is a good idea, you never know till you try and you will never know if you don't try. Micros here in WA are representing well, on the other hand Micros in Hi are not, not all but some (if the shoe fit wear it and shame on you). I think you guys can make a difference and post what ever you all come up with after your brain storm session.

    Peace Brothers
  • I'm on leave now but if I am available for that get together I don't mind at all coming. Much aloha to all the island souljahz!
  • **um, NinseiTOM! *hehe, stop selling my rusty skills... how is the band going?

  • CJ,

    Rusty skills are what my bro Ninsei prefer. Last time I met him he was fine tuning his fingers at the Alawai Park.
  • mai nukuolo,

    I like the way you think =>
    hope this works out
  • Good ideas are just that, good ideas. and nothing will come of good ideas if they're not acted upon.
  • How about we have some inter-service competition? Like Army vs. FSM National Police(veterans) or Marines vs. Hawaii security guards (active)....it would be fun to see which service would come out on top.
  • lol @ Pete! you're quite the one man think-tank and that sounds like fun but how bout we just all get together and try to help our communities first? Then afterwards we can duke out to see who's svc has the bigger dick and whatnot.
  • So no sausagefest? Ok...
  • Man/Boy Love Thursdays is still ongoing on a weekly basis at Ninsei's residence. Contact him for more information and on a side note, ask for the Nigerian. ;)
  • edited June 2010
    Yeah you have not paid for your last visit. Interest is incurring.
  • Mai!! I need some help...don't tell Ninsei about it! *hehhe, please email me your number, I would like your help in locating my basic training buddies, *roll eyes* email ... kinisou...

    I - cj
  • Child can I also give you my number? Please...please...please. Mai left his number at the male house known as the rough horse. You can pick it up over there.
  • ninsei,
    No worries, I'll just have my sponored Nigerian there work overtime and "double" to clear my tab.

    I'd soooooo give it to you right now but don't want ppl to see it - my number that is....lol...don't think i have your contact info anymore.
  • lol@ Pete, you need a good smack!
  • Ninsei, stop trying to seduce mai in public! *hehhe, Mai, I need some help with those Humvee!! Heheh... you go warrant officer, let me see them officer's muscles flex some!!

    Email islandvoyagers@gmail.com ... this is business. I need your help with business, not micsem rally.


  • Yes, I think this is an excellent idea. Ctulpe could greet guys at the door with that special "treat" of hers that she is so famous for. Just imagine..................(:
  • Wow!! it is sad to see and hear educated Micronesians are still stuck on/with the stone age mentality!! How can we move forward, if we continue to shy away from communcating with each other!! How can we overcome the mentality of attaching sexual connotation to every attempt of communication a male or female (not related) try to do... We are in da 21st. century!! We need to overcome those barriers and learn to communicate with respect with each other and including non-micronesians. MICRONESIAN KEEP FALLING BEHIND BECAUSE WE ARE FAMOUS FOR MAKING DECISION BASED ON PUBLIC OPINION AND POPULAR BELIEFS, instead of our individual NORTHERN STAR(S)!!

    Mai, I am not kidding, I dunno how else to get in touch with you expect here, and I really do need your help. We are in US and do expect to be compensated for your time and assistance... again, THIS IS BUSINESS, AS IN $$$... NOT RALLYING FOR BETTER POHNPEI or CHUUK!

    Email me and I will call you.


  • cricket...cricket...cricket
  • I've had this sort of idea for a longest time. Glad to hear more of us interested in getting together for a purpose. Pretty sure such idea can and will contribute more to those of our ppl who would like to better their lives in our line of development. I am willing to collaborate to all who are interested in this effort. Getting together is a good start to begin with and do some brainstorming to form some kindda club, organization, or association for that matter. I have already entertained this idea with some of our bros who are in the service who are presently on the island of Oahu and everyone is sort of waiting for the word. So spread the word to all to come in here and speak their minds. A very good idea indeed.
  • kauna,
    swing by town this Sat night and i'll introduce you to some civilian friends who are experienced with this kinda work and knows the needs of our ppl here on island.
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