How do the soldiers in Japan, feel if Guam does not want an over crowding?

To all the soldiers out there, I would like to know your in put, opions, concerns, or anything about the build up on Guam. There is an issue about Military Build up on Guam and I know that part of the military are our fellow brothers and sisters from around the FSM, CNMI, Guam, and/or closer. I have friends and family station in Japan that is dealing with the issue of the build up on Guam. I personally think that it is a bad idea for more military to over crowd the island and the lands that are to be lost do to the build up. I love all my fellow soliders protecting their island/country, but I feel that the build up will soon sink the island and there will not be enough space and previllages around Guam like now.


  • not to mention all the reason they are leaving Japan in the first place... i bet we dont want that here on guam too soon...
  • I do not think GovGuam cares about the They welcome the buildup, all about the federal funds! money money money.
  • I will feel pain. My heart will be breaking that my chance to run away almost every weekend to see my family and eat some fish and kon wont be happening. I will suffer and I will cry my tears out till my body declares Elnino lol. I will be very skinny and I can possibly die. That feeling will be very painful and heartbreaking!!!.
  • Dear Mwohal, you are already crowding my Island/Territory. Your best pain and heart-breaking medicine is to leave. Don'f forget your paddle.
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    more U.S Influence and interest demanding, more U.S control, soon we will have Guam Governor names like, Johnson, Davidson, Williamson, Lingle, Caytano, Lastly but not running, Governor Hankypanky.........

    not to mention if War break out, Guam will be the first target to be catashtrophe, just imagine Hawaii during war war 2.............
  • The Marines relocating to Guam gives 2 sh*** about how the public feels. They have history in Guam, i.e, Marine Corp Dr., Big Wig LTC (R) Sgambelluri from USMC. It's all about diversity when it comes to Guam whether they want to admit it or not and its been out of control since ever since. They just need to nod and say, thank you master, may I get another one please.
  • Relocating to Guam gives the US forces a larger buffer zone compared to being in Okinawa. The larger buffer zone provides the US forces more defensive options in the event of an attack from Asia. For example, long range missiles launched by North Korea will take longer time to reach Guam compared to Okinawa. The increased buffer zone now provides ample time for US anti-missile defense to shoot down the enemy missile.
  • Taotao Guahan.

    YOu are absolutely right about the overcrowding and privelage being taken away! Taodao spirits will be very disappointed and you dont know just what they will do to disrupt the development of this build up. Dont be surprise!

    Who is Guam?
    On the other hand, who is Guam today? Calvos? Jones? Guitierez? Bordallo? Moylans? Who? Would they care? Guam is no longer the Kuuw-am that we the Micronesians once knew.

    What can you do?
    There is really nothing anyone can do anymore. The decision makers are either bought out politicians by business owners or business operators themselves. And the build up is great business opportunity. The best you soldiers can do now is protect them business owners and politicians from getting hurt by the enemy while "going with the flow." otherwise quit the military
  • Very simple. Come to Chuuk State. If Guam and Japan don't want our US Military in their backyard, then I will bring them to Chuuk State. I think with the plenty land on Woney, and very clear ocean will be a practical land to develop, plus, land and location are very structures and will benefit Faichuuk for the job economy, too. We can deal with the land owners and the environmental to making sure both new structures for US Military and our fragile environmental will be benefiting and respecting both sides at the same time, too.

    This is a genuine offer for our US troops leaders. Don't try to let Guam and Japan pushing you around. We got plenty land in Chuuk.

    Woney Island is a very structures for ships, sea plane/airport and especially the submarine, too.

    Angela Engichy
  • I don't think Guam has a choice. Whether they like it or not, US will still get their troops there. Not that Guam owns their land now.
  • that is why i thank god for Free Association!
  • Kuna,
    I'm with you on that. Right now, Guam & Saipan has no right over their land. Their lands might as well be called reservations. So whatever UNCLE Sam want's to do with the land, they just push someone out and dig.
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    Guaminian Chamorros chose to become U.S citizen, so why go back in time? when they all got fully wealthy and transform life style and emerge into United State living the American dreams...

    The land doesnt really necessery for them at all..Mainland becomes their secondhome ...
  • aengichy

    you know what? i very much agree with your idea!!!! lol.. it's the best one of all. we need people like you to stand for our land. oneisom pride! as much as our land need the $ sh**! just build whatever you want! faichuuk needs to stand alone. since our leaders can't make that happen, i think this is our only shot. lol!! you know what my mom and dad have some land. i think i'm going to ask them to give it to the us military just for this matter. if they don't want, then i'm going to still the sidam and give it to them myself. free of charge. that's if they ever come to faichuuk!! it would be nice to get orders to my island. lol =)
  • There is the need for US presence in the pacific region as China is beefing up support for North Korea all the while emerging as the world king in the global economy. Japan is an ally to the United States, a sovereign nation and it has come to a point that the US Marines need to vacate Okinawa...if the United States feel that moving Marines to Guam as a crucial part of its foreign policy in a region where the stability of the world economy is at stake and a possible nuclear meltdown is imminent, issues arising out of Guam would be of little significance ..Guam chose to embrace the status of being a territory of the United States...This is my opinion, cheers..
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