Primary Elections in Guam

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Results from PDN for primary elections in Guam may be of interest to others in the Region.
Underwood (D) 13,045
Gutierrez (D) 11,574

Gov Camacho (R) 4839
Lt Gov Moylan (R) 2754

Attorney General:
Alicia Limtiaco 15,001
Vernon Perez 11,542
Douglas Moylan 8066

So It will be Underwood/Aguon vs Felix Camacho/Cruz for Governor.

And Alicia Limtiaco vs Vernon Perez for AG.

How does this affect Micronesians in the Region and on Guam? Open for opinions.


  • Maybe I shouldn't get involved in this political matter, but Robert Underwood has always had a keen interest in our islands. He once offered his advice on how FSM could market itself as an aid to the US in the global war on strategy. I can't say much about the governor since I don't know him well.
  • Yes, Underwood would make a great Guam governor, not just for Guam but for whole Micro region. He has a wider view of issues in the islands. He knows most of our leaders, since his time in US Congress. He is a great advocate for Micronesian issues on Guam, although may not be very visible to the Micronesians. He is not as popular with the people as Guiterez but he is a lot smarter. I have 'worked' with him and Carl, so I can say that.
  • Thank you Hezel and Paleken for the information. Ineed, I am very interested in how this election turn out. I used to live in Guam so any news from this region is of great interest to me also for the fact that Guam is still the home of a lof of our FSMers brothers and sisters. I like Underwood better than Felix. Felix is too involved in his personal vendeda with the AG to see straight where his administration is heading. Felix has wasted so much of his time with his personal agenda forgeting his vow to the people of Guam all because he cannot get along with his brother in law, the AG. Too much politics with these two, I hope they do not make it again, it would just be a shame!!!!

    I hope that Underwood wins so he can continue his vision of assisting the neighboring islands be as productive as Guam, because the bottom line is if the neighboring islands are as productive, Guam reaps the benefits and visa verse. Gutos to Unerwood!!!!
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    Like the rest of you, I'd like to share one fact that I know about the former congressman. Back in 2001, he met with student leaders of the UIM CLUB (United Islands of Micronesia) from the University of Guam. The club composed of, Chuuk, Saipan, Palau, Yap,the Marshall island, Pohnpei, and Kosrae. He invited them to his office and talk to them about "the compact impact". All I can say is he's very open and supportive of the FAS Citizens in Guam. At the same time he wants to remain true to his own people.
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    Chofonakichin Marv:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Ekuf ren mwai Ms. Guterriez, she's the bomb!!!! Ekena other men are just nief!!!
    Sad that those Guaminians made her lost. Ohnee kan ah)))))))
  • hell no there is always next year
  • camacho will win and I bet a mollion dollar on that.
  • Today's poll says that Underwood is up by 44.7% and Camacho only by 25.8%, but still Camacho will win the election. He's the underdog. Underdogs always win. BOTA CAMACHO!
  • Underwood good. Underdog, mmm sausage?
  • The recent election survey conducted by PDN and Associates was publicly disseminated with more firewoods for Mr. Underwood and his running mate, Mr. Frank Aguon.

    The pair is dragging Governor Camacho and his partner with an astounding 45% to 27% with only 19% of undecided voters.

    It looks like Mr. Underwood is on his way to the higher slope at the Ricardo Bordallo's Complex in Adelup looking down on the devastatingly losing team on lower ground at Tamuning.
  • The latest from Thursday PDN:
    Camacho /Cruz: 19, 552 votes
    Underwood/Aguon 18,688

    Some elecion issues being questioned, but my guess is that this will stand.

    Attorney General: Alicia Limtiaco

    Prop B: Allow slots machines
    No: 23,250 (includes 3000 who didn't cast a vote: this counts as a "no"
    Yes: 16,698

    Still many election issues to be resolved in court.

    Q: What happened to the Guttierez/ BJ Cruz camp?
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