FSM soldiers @ military forts close to Kansas City, MO; Park Falls, Wisc., Cincinnati, Oh, etc

Father Hezel and Erik Steffen are starting their trip from Minnesota, heading to Kansas City, MO and Park Falls, Wisconsin, etc. Father would like to meet some of the FSMers in the military who live at the military forts close to the areas he will be visiting. Please email me asap if you're interested, your name and address and phone number. If not interested personally, please pass on the message to your fellow FSMers. My email address is euke@micsem.org. I'll be checking my email this weekend. Thank you so much for your participation on this project.


  • Pwal ewe kapongen tong ennet ngonuk Pwipwi Keta

    god bless.

    Fpenn---Philadelphia, and Trenton NJ area
  • who the heck is father hezel... another devil????
  • God said do not call anybody on earth FATHER!!! so who is this devil, hezel?
  • leatherman! how disrespectful of you! wat do u call your own father? father hezel is the founder of this website ur using to communicate with your own race...
  • Dayumn Leatherman you're so daring to disrespect Father Hezel like that....

    Father Hezel is the founder of this website and a nonMicronesian who contribute into Micronesian Education and Socieity more than you.. A stranger who ran to Micronesia to help, assist, and educate while you're on the run to the outside world.
  • Please let us know when Fr. and his entourage reach the other West coast states, including the Aloha state. We surely want to meet them.
  • i am just saying the bible said about the FATHER... and mr. hezel very aware of it!!!...
  • does not matter how much good mr. hezel did but if it is against God it is not good!!!! he did well helping but atleast he must not allow peeps to call him as God wants HIMSELF to be called
  • Go to the top of this page...click "about MicSem"...scroll down to "staff"...you will see his picture...then read more about him.
  • Leather? Don't even ask that stupid question. If you're ain't interested, BEAT IT!.....lols.............
  • Somebody please ban Leatherman from this place. Who the heck he/she thinks he/she is? You embarrass your family, yourself, and your parents. How dare you!!??
  • Who the hell are you to come in here and disrespect people like that? Why don't you go find your own religion website, if our standards does not meet yours? WHAT DO YOU CALL YOUR FATHER, HEY FOR HORSES? You need to get your behind out of this forum, better yet, why don't you write to the catholic church if you have anything against them? geez! Moderators, close and ban this stupid person, you got no respect!

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    fort jackson, SC, i dont' know how many hours away from anywhere.. lol hey, m a PFC, fresh off da micro boat! lol
  • You chose the wrong thread to vent off, Leatherman. Kindly ban yourself from this Forum once and for all.
  • is Fr. Hezel visiting Tx anytime soon. sure want to see him again. Leatherman, please have a little respect, the title is not the same as God's. man are given titles that are the same as God's, but that doesn't make them God. King David was called king by the Children of Israel, that doesn't make him God. what can a Christian accomplish from all this? misopportunity. if that's a word.
  • I am not sure how old this is, but I am here in Fort Dix area.
  • Hey, anyone from Kosrae close to New Jersey let me Know...
  • I recently spent several weeks on Romonum Island, Chuuk Lagoon, conducting some research with the school and families there. Many people told me that quite a few people from Romonum have moved to Kansas City. I wonder if anyone knows what part of Kansas City the Romonum people have moved to, or maybe what church or community organization they might be in touch with. I would like to make contact with some of them. I am from Kansas originally, so I could visit with some the next time I go to see my own family.

    Professor Mary Spencer
    University of Guam
  • All military personnel are predisposed to mass destructions
  •  I took his class on contemporary social problem and that's during the third year program from the University of Eastern Oregon Extension in Chuuk. Long time already. Father Hezel  one of the best teacher in Chuuk.
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