Fort Drum

Fort Drum is the worst post I've been on ever. Don't get me wrong, I'm not discriminating but it is freakin boring here. Can't wait to get back to Campbell. Seriously, what do you people at Drum do for fun? Nothing? The bowling alley wasn't too bad. The food court in the px is awful. Awful. The food is awful, the service is awful and the people here stare alot. Like they've never seen a 101st patch before.

The CSM here didn't like us wearing our Patrol Caps. I guess they don't have a clue that Patrol Caps are worn when you are in a deployment status. By the way, we are here supporting their infantry guys with air support. They aren't too bad but they need more skills on their comms. For the past week they've been talking in the red while we've been talking in the green. So they need more work.


  • dude i think your complaining in the wrong country.
  • And who held up your right hand to swear the oath?

    Do your time and come home....stop whining. At least your not out there in the front thankful for at least something.

    Oh and by the way....your "support".

    And...your comment on the comm thing is exposing an achilles heel.....this is a public forum. Innocent lives may be lost.
    Get with the program soldier.

  • Dude just say,

    "Look peeps I am in the military and I am COOL"!

    Now get back to that pot of mashed potates and swirl it with that big wooden spoon. Make sure those real soldiers who carry guns are fed so that they can protect your kitchen. YOU DA MAN.
  • Stop complaining one man...because you're too cool...I up with the Patrol caps? LOL..spoken like a true cook..
  • edited June 2009
    LOL@tsicar. Exactly my point. By the way do cooks carry guns? LMFAO!
  • "This is my weapon...this is my gun...this is for shooting ....and this is for fuuuuuuuun"


  • Thank you all for you sound feedbacks. You've proven my point. You are all either not in the service or just enlisted men who have no clue of what goes on in the C2 and TOC. I'm talking to the wrong crowd of people. Peace, nice talking with you all but I have some mash potatoes to stir.
  • Awwww...the cook is gonna cry...cook me some eggs bitch!
  • Get an Amish date and take her swimming in Black River. If that doesn't work, get a Watertown hippie and take her swimming in Black River. Have Fun!
  • One Man,

    I was there for two years bro, and never bitch once. Hang in there little one...C2 TOC, that sounds comfy.


    LOl@Watertown hippie, you missed them too huh?


    I was informed that you have been shooting blanks lately. I guess I was misinformed. Well bro, we will just double up patrols down your end just to keep the old Reject from resurfacing. Then again you know everything in the book. The new FNGs won't be able to call fire suport on your locaton. Missed the old days bro.
  • One man,

    You're probably hanging out at the wrong places at the wrong time.

    If you like watching NASCAR, Ko Kart race in Lefargeville on Friday nites and Poker Run (fast boats race) in Alexandria Bay on Saturday. These should keep you occupied for the weekend.
  • One Man,

    May I ask? How many Micronesians are stationed in Ft.Drum? I haven't met one ever since I moved to Upstate NY.
  • wow, are you all army? are you all micronesians? interesting how one army can treat each other with different level of respect just because you have different jobs. i salute all of you for being in the army regardless of what job you have. one man, if you are micronesian, i can't believe you're complaining about food and living quarters, you must come from a rich family. Having a bed to sleep on and food to eat is a step up for me. in a serious note, i do respect all of you for your sacrifices. thank you.
  • All,

    Thank you for your great service. If you need help with your Tricare Benefit, let me know.

    Fellow Micronesian
  • Keep up the good work. You are all in my prayer... May God always bless and Keep You Safe.....
    A concern yapese individual
  • I salute you One Man and all our brothers in arm. Hope things get better for you.
  • Home of the Mountain Boi'z!!!
    "Climb To Glory" hooah!!!
    Miss my home sweet home....
  • lol sounds like a personal problem and leadership issue. STAY POSITIVE! ur in a best training site since you dont like it much.
  • Hey Fort Drum, I know of a Kosraean up there. His name is Nena George. Have you meet him? I am here in Fort Dix, New Jersey area...
  • OneMan,

    quit bitch'N.. you make it sound like campbell is even all that. LOL.
    BOHICA... "smell it smell it... now take it" =)
  • one man,

    You're in the U.S.A. for crying out loud.......the land of liberty and opportunities. Many of your comrades in arms are fighting a war in Afghanistan for the sake of freedom and you're complaing about the food selections at the food court? grow up and be a real soldier.
  • Ok guys!

    A soldier can complain ok? And there is nothing wrong with it at all…If a soldier not comfortable on where he is assigned to I don’t see why sharing thought a problem here. I mean….I myself I don’t like it in here (where I stationed) bcuz its sucks and I am the only islander in here (the whole fort)….ok ill take that back…maybe there’s other islanders here but I neva met one a them and I been here for 2 yrs…so stop pulling string outta this guy (one man) and just provide him some encouragement, maybe? Don’t get me wrong…I am man enough to cope up da boredom and all but it is better to have islanders live around u…
  • sunriser,

    There's a big difference between Bitch'N and complaining. One Man is complaining/Bitch'N, pick one..about the food court in the PX. Bust open an MRE.. about the CSM didn't want this/that.. that's why he's the CSM.. so, i ask you..are you Bitch'N or comlaining because "You Are the ONLY ISLANDER There"?.. 2 yrs? They're out there, you just got to find them. Are you good in LandNav? ... or maybe, they're hiding from you =)
  • yeah, suck it up and quit bitchin....bunch of sissies.
  • Hang in there, One a coin that have two sides, there must be a brighter side of things at that location...try to focus on that side of things. I started there many many moons only compounds on the boredom if you make it to be.

    By the way, happy holidays and thank you for your service...
  • EASY angrelik, EASY...
    no bradda fights needed in here. allow them to ease out their minds a little. It seem your taking the wrong angle hea friend.... be a good far as "NAVIGATION SKILLS".... bradda, I welcome any brother to pack their gears and come visit me up here in North Ga.
  • ohllohll,
    i agree, this is a good place to let it all out, but remember OPSEC. i think those with negative response are letting out steam too. i don't know yapese language so can't help with the coconut talk. hope you find someone soon to help ease your need to speak coconut. take care.
  • Does anyone know of any island girl in ft. drum?
  • lmao...sounded like a real fobbit!
  • Ohllohll,
    You make up your own Nav-Course? awww, you're playing army? okay, i'll be the tank =]
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