Rest and Relaxation

Invitation goes out to all Micronesian Military Personnel and Families residing in and/or about the Southern California area. There will be a get together this coming Saturday, 16 May 2009 at 10 hundred hour, Lake O'Neill, Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California.

Take off your Battle Dress Uniform, leave your primary and secondary Arms at home, put on a thu, a flip flop, bring your Guitars and Ukulele, come join us,..relax and enjoy, Micronesian style! Please do come and introduce yourself to your fellow comrades-in-arms. We ask that you bring one of your favorite Micronesian side-dish with you, if you are able. If you have the time, we will be more than glad to have you here.

As of now, time and place stand. If there are any changes till then, I will post it in here ASAP.

Looking forward to meet you all.



  • 10 hundred hrs??you mean 22 hundred??just curious!
  • Sunriser....1000 is morning time...get with the game guy.
  • edited May 2009

    It is 10 hundred, 10 am. 22 hundred will be 11 pm. BTW, that is standard military H+1.

    See you there.
  • But 22 hundred would be more Micronesian. eh, eh.......Hope you fellas have a great turn out.
  • Seleto...2200 is 10pm....Anyways, is this gathering BYOB or Open Bar?
  • seleto, I'm in the area and I can bring good numbers of Island jarheaded. Is this invitation just for the FSMers or all micronesian including Guam, Saipan, Palau, and the Marshall?

    I was just planning a 3 men bbq at my house on that day to welcome a Palauan Kiddo who pcsing out of Oki to here...but we might just swing over that area....provide us PHONE NUMBERS contact and ask what you guys have?? do we need more DRINKS??? and etc...
  • three men or three dollar bill? LOL
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    Warning Order:
    Confirmed Enemy Position, needed to be Neutralize!
    Mission; Search and Destroy
    Grid follows; NH858
    Squad Movement; Traveling Over-watch
    Uniform; Thu, Lafalafa, Thongs, Flip Flops. Shades(optional)
    Weapon; Guitar, Ukulele, Baseball Gloves, Cold Frosties, Pilolo, Kon, Fafa, Betel Nut, Kelaquen,..etc.
  • lol@REKADY...Three MEN as in THREE muskeedorks.. Dollar Bill is your provide..gimmie my money.

    seleto, thanx for the LOI..

    My mission will be attacking the FOOD!
    Fireteam movement; Form for CHOW
    Uniform; DI's hot PT short lol..
    Weapon; Fork and Spoon
  • lol my Bad, Ive been thinking its on the 8th. I wasnt really paying attention to the 16th of May...
  • mwohalio jarhead huh?

    nice. seleto. what branch u in?
    civilian in work or civilian in school?
    ahaha jokes jokes, but seriously what branch u hangin on?just curious.
  • Wery nice3 language Free counters!Free counters!Free counters!
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