Soldiers' Grounds INTENT and SOP(Rules)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I feel responsible for any conduct (good or bad) that may take place on the Soldiers Ground, I requested for its creation, and now that we have it, I ask that we keep it clean and informative. Please read the intent and the rules or guidelines that are posted below, if you find any discrepencies, please feel free to respond with the problem and a solution. Thank you all and I look forward to talking to all of you.


To provide a place for all Micronesian Service Members throughout all Branches of the Armed Forces to communicate with each other; to help develop each other mentally, spiritually, physically and professionally; to recognize outstanding accomplishments( news media coverage, articles and so forth); to support our deployed service men and women; to sponsor new comers; to identify subject matter experts in every field so we can utilize these experts accordingly or as needed; last but not least to enrich our younger generation with valuable information they may need if they decide to join the Armed Forces.

Soldiers' Ground Rules

Above all else, use common sense and conduct yourself as a professional and ambassadors of our country.
You will not use any language that may be considered by others to be offensive, racist (branch of service bashing), obscene or that violates EO Policies. Make sure the content you post is "tasteful" and professional. Insulting others just for your own amusement, or the perception of personal attacks direct towards another user, will not be tolerated. Take some time to think about your post before hitting the submit button.

Debating is acceptable, but keep debates ON topic and DO NOT insult any other user. There will not be any off-topic discussions, try to keep it Military related.

Non-productive responses ("me too", "hooah", etc) are not allowed. These types of posts lend nothing to the ongoing professional discussion, and will be deleted. Personal conversations and sidebars will be conducted via private email message.

Do not post the same discussion more than once in a topic or in a separate topic. Duplicate discussions will be deleted. Reposting the same message repeatedly can be interpreted as SPAM.

Posts will be edited, deleted and archived at the discretion of the moderators. If a thread or post should be deleted, don't make threads asking why a thread was deleted. If your reply or discussion was the reason for the removal of the post, you will be notified. If your reply was in a message that was removed and you have not been contacted, then you did not violate forum rules.

Do not post lengthy excerpts from regulations or articles. Link to the information instead. Ensure that your discussion complies with the guidance published by the Department of Defense concerning OPSEC.


1.Do not forget that we are Federal Employees governed under certain rules, regulations and restrictions. National Security is our number one priority so Do Not violate any OPSEC or COMSEC standards.

2.Do make entries, posts, comments, remarks and discussions based on personal experiences or be able to be documented by verifiable information.

3.Do make entries that are constructive in nature, contain intellectual criticism and contribute to the professional debate.

4.Do make entries that are fully attributable to the author (you) and that serve to inform and educate your readers with a clearly conveyed and concise message.

5.Do not divulge or discuss classified or sensitive information.

6.Do not divulge or discuss planned or ongoing military operations or TTPs that have not already been officially and publically released.

7.Do not post unprofessional, profane, belittling or derogatory commentary.

8.Do not post entries that are intended for personal or commercial gain or profit; or that promote or endorse specific financial or other interests.

9.Do not violate applicable copyright and/or intellectual property laws.

10.Do not post entries that are political in nature, contain political bias, or that can be construed to advocate specific political parties.

11.Do not violate the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ), the “Hatch Act”, 5 U.S.C. 7321-7326 (Political Activity), or the DoD Joint Ethics Regulation - DoD 5500.7-R.

12. Do Lead from the front and show your families and friends that you are a Professional that represents our country well.


  • An ethical piece, suitable even for all micsem forum users! Since you posted this in here, can civilian forumers sneak into that "Soldiers Ground" for a peak, or is it restricted to only the military personnel. Just curious!
  • Outstanding question,I forgot to down shift from Soldier mode to Nutral. Civilian forumers are always welcome, after all this is a public forum. Only thing I ask is that you respond where you see fit, remember that Non-productive responses are highly discouraged due to the fact that they clutter threads without benefits. On the other hand I do encourage you to take part in current discussions, start your own, ask questions, greet your friends, educate service members that are transitioning back into the civilian world and make recommendations. After all we are not going to stay in the service forever, so we also need advice from our civilian brothers and sisters.
  • many do's and don'ts. So is the category getting a DD or DA Form number with all these rules attached?
  • Be specific! When mentioning "soldiers", are you referring only to those in the army or are you generally referring to everyone in uniform?
  • Sakura, so Marines and Air Force and Navy aren't soldiers? LOL
  • They are Marines, Air-Men, and Sailors/Seamen.
  • Exactly! For anyone who wears the globe... eagle.. and anchor, it would be an insult to call him/her soldier. They earned the title. Proud to be one of The Few, The Proud, The Marines! Semper Fi.............
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    Everytime theres a Do's and Don't....the Tattoos are called for. Its a long list of reminders. Can #2 contradict #6 on the part it said " where its not publically released?"
  • Sakura,
    I totally understand where you are coming from, and the word 'soldier' is mainly refering to the name of the forum (Soldiers' Ground). If I want to adress Marines, I will call them Marines, Army personnel, Soldiers and Navy personnel Sailors, and I served with them in joint operations in Irag, they usually don't get insulted when called " Soldiers" they simply make corrections. But if you realy want to get technical, here is where the word "Soldier" originated from. The word soldier is derived from an Old French word, itself a derivation of Solidarius, Latin for someone who served in the armed forces for pay, as opposed to warriors in tribal society where every grown man is automatically a member of his clan's fighting force. Solidare in Latin means "to pay"; Roman soldiers were paid in solidi, so-called because they were a new type of solid silver coin brought in after a reform of the Roman monetary system. Hopefully this clears up a few things and if I insulted any of you, I apologise, that was not my intentions.

  • bronson - your forum don't seem to be attractive quite honestly. As earlier posts pointed out, too many do's and don'ts. We honestly want to mingle with the civilians..I don't see why you actually thought of starting a new forum when the main micsem discussion is just great for you have to go through the hassle of defending yourself on issues like "soldier". I am sure someone, somebody will be raising questions regarding all these do's and dont's. I will be back soon!
  • despite the negativity exhibited by others, this is a step in the right direction. although open to the public, this forum is designed as a meeting place for micronesian servicemen and servicewomen who had served, is serving, or has interest to serve in the US armed forces. i applaud the unselfish efforts of bronson007 for initiating a program that, if properly utilized, could immeasurably affect favorably the lives of many participants.

    upon my initial reading of this thread, i sensed that the designated name of the forum/room will be a cause for challenge for micronesian members of other branches of the US armed forces to satisfy their customary identifications. while existing challenge(s) may be viewed by some as an unnecessary minor request for an amendment, i believe that failure to modify its labeling could result in the forum's immediate failure to attain and sustain a desired audience needed to stimulate and maintain interesting and fruitful discussions. to aid in its development and promotion, the forum must be established from a neutral ground to encourage and attract, without hesitation or reservation, the involvement of all servicemen and servicewomen irrespective of service branch. it is critical that this room is advertised and sold to its intended audience first, then secondary elements to follow.

    how do we advertise and sell the forum:

    first, there must be a push for a change in its labeling. we all know the definition of the word soldier but majority is not open to apply its dictional interpretation, especially when such a dictional interpretation will detrack from or lessen the weight of their everyday service identification.

    secondly, some measure of deregulation should be taken to allow for flexibility in sharing information, i.e... i feel that rule #2 is grossly excessive and may prove to be an anit-promotional element. observing rule #2 will, to some degree, not only restrict participation but also limit the amount of information promulgated in here as the rule seems to require the provision of citations to justify contents of postings. there may also be an overlaping or duplication of rules, such as rule #1 and #5. i may be wrong as my english is limited but effort is underway for improvement.

    as stated earlier, this is our meeting place where we can pursue through the sharing of information to take advantage of the benefits associated with the shared PURPOSES of this forum. let us engage responsibly in our dialogues as we provide assistance to one another.

    i'll take this opportunity to ask a legitimate question. you army recruiters or administrative assistants may be able to help me with this question. the question is: is it possible to change home of records to pohnpei, micronesia if i was recruited from texas and currently have texas as my home of records? if yes, what steps must i take to effect such a change. please advise. thanks.
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    You should be able to change it any whichever way since you are paying taxes to the very State you living in....remember you are no longer FSM, you are owned by personnel and personnel abide of what rules and regulation their country is stated for them to follow, and you are following the same too. If you are paying taxes to the State of Montana, then you are considered from there although in your birth certificate it stated that were born in North Dakota.
  • Thanks,

    I feel I have my question answered some how, didn't really clarify how I excepted it would but we all got the drift. Especially when you modify the #2 and #1, #5.
  • It's more fun if we post in the General Discussion category because we give the civilians a chance to raise their thoughts and feelings about Micronesians and Armed Forces in general. I come in here to get away from the do's and don'ts of the Armed Forces. Good effort though, bronson007. I applaud you.
  • I wonder just what you can really say about the Armed Forces that it won't sound like you are complaining? The Civilian people might contradict some issues out of ignorance, yet we should all be understanding and answer to it the best possible way without giving too much information out......because giving out too much is really what you are referring to right? It's hard understanding the Military because it's not a job you are suppose to be jolly about, especially if you are in one of those branches that takes you away from your family. We can only hope they can change some things, and those are the things we can maybe voice our opinions about......other than that it's general dicussion in my own opinion.
  • dolonierhp,
    I am obligated by virtue of being a service member as well a FSM citizen to offer my assistance.IAW SSRA a.k.a SERVICEMEN'S RELIEF ACT,"Home of Record" and "Legal Residence" may,or may not be the same address.Home of Record in your case(Texas)is the place one was living when they entered the military.It is used primarily to determine travel entitlements when one separates from the military.Legal Residency,on the other hand,refers to where one intents to return to and live after discharge or retirement.
    The process of changing state of legal residency is rather easy,speaking from my own experience.The folks at your legal or admin could assist you in filling out a State of Legal Residence Certificate(DD Form 2058).Be advised though,the military is required by regulation to ensure members are not changing legal residences for the sole purpose of withholding taxes.They may require some degree of proof of your intentions.A birth certificate or a FSM passport is usually sufficient enough to convince them.By the way,if you plan on separating anytime soon it would be in your best interest to start the process now than later.You don't want to ship to Texas after you ETS from Bliss,Hood,or Lackland.It would probably be more cost effective to hitch a cab.
  • DS4LIFE,

    thanks for taking the time to educate me on your knowledge on the posted question and for pointing out the difference between home of records and legal residency. if i absorbed your guidance correctly, home of records affects entitlement upon separation, while legal residency represents one's intend on where to return to and live after discharge or retirement from the military. your assistance has enhanced my knowledge of the subject.

    the posted question was intended to elicit responses on the necessary steps in changing home of records, if amending such a statute is perimssible. i was more interested on whether the army will be able to relocate me back to pohnpei, despite the fact that pohnpei isn't my home of record as i was recruited elsewhere.

    to augment what you've delineated, i found that under my circumstance, i have to change my home of records to pohnpei in order to qualify for transportation benefits to pohnpei, not to a place i lived temporarily and recruited from. amending home of records requires broad evidence such as school and hospital records to adequately substantiate home-of-record claims. after collection of required justifications, i will submit them to s-1 and they'll take it from there. i don't know what actions s-1 must undertake to successful accomplish such an action.

    thank you so much for your assistance.
  • In regards to the forum, I feel it is a great idea,maybe instead of soldier's maybe refer it as Military ground's in order to avoid any legal obligations that you may encounter but its just my opinion. There are some out there willing to go over the top for inappropriate reasons.

    Regarding opsec and infosec, EVERY SERVICEMEMBER MUST ALREADY KNOW TO PRACTICE it because its a requirement in the the responsibility lies on the individual that divulges any information on-line as this is still considered a public forum, which is open to others for vieweing it seems e.g. ADVERTISEMENT regarding nike's on sale in this forum possible phishing for personal information to utilize for, "in a worst case scenario", terrorist acts against any government. However, it is a good idea to state the do's and don't as a reminder and as a "CYA" for yourself in the creation of this forum.

    As a soldier, this forum is a great way in meeting other servicemember's around the world and maybe my next door neighbor is on-line and wishes to meet other islander's from the military service because in my opinion it allows others to share their experiences. It also help help reconnect family members and keep in contact with each other and provide assistance in the military if needed e.g. new servicemember needing more guidance and more information from those already been in for a while. Just my opinion.
  • To all brothers in arms

    Marines sucks!!! Nah just kidding
  • Homosexual and lesbians were created in the military's ...
  • Can anyone here explain to me what JADE HELM 15 is? Anyone? Especially those that are still in the military. I've heard so little about it so I thought some of you might know more than I...

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