Greetings to all of you Micronesian soldiers from the MicSem Micros

I know quite a few of you personally in the US Army; some of you are my relatives and some are close friends. I'm very glad we have this special category just for you. This gives me an opportunity to greet you and let you know that you are very special people to us. We admire you for whatever reasons you join the US military, and we respect you for being what you are. I keep you in my prayers from time to time; I shouldn't lie to you that I pray for you always because sometimes when I pray for many people and many things, I forget to pray for all. But, frankly, I pray for you alot, all of you soldiers.

From time to time, I will send you all notes of greetings and to remind you that you are very special people and that you are always in our thoughts and hearts. You keep up your good deeds and always remember that physically you are far away, but in the hearts of your loved ones, you're very close to the hearts.

God bless you all.


  • Keta,
    Thank you for remembering us in your prayers and a salute to the MICSEM staff for an outstanding job on the site and also for making the Soldiers Ground possible. Hopefully this will be helpful to all. I am a member of a few other professional Soldier/ Leaders forums that I find very informative and helpful in my career, that is why I requested this category. I will post a new topic describing the intent behind the Soldiers Ground and set some boundaries so we do not compromise our national security or any other COMSEC violations. Keep us in your prayers as we keep you all in ours.

    God Bless
  • A low bow for the Micronesian bros and sis in the military... but especially my bros, the PATS gradz.... May the Lord guide you all.
  • Greetings to you, My dear LadyRed, and to you all FSM Soldiers:

    I'm glad this category is specially made for you, our dear Micros in the military. And, yes, Mr. Bronson, your idea to have this corner specifically for you people is great. As I mentioned before, I will visit you here from time to time to keep reminding you that no matter where you are, you're always remembered, thought of, and prayed for. When you feel homesick and lonely and longing for home, just visit this site and read our messages of encouragement here. But, remember the most important One who never leaves your side--our God our Father. Keep Him close to you; Embrace Him in whatever you do. So long, my dear niece, LadyRed. KaselelSgt. Bronson and Sgt. Ando, and the rest of you Pohnpeians, Ranannim ngeni kemi Soldiers seni Chuuk, Kulo to all Kosraeans and Mogethin to all of you Yapese.
    God bless you all.
  • If there is any category of people i would honor for great service, it would be all of you in the military. Thank you all.......
  • since we are in the "military" category, do any of you know how many micronesians are stationed in Okinawa? i know a couple but there's got to be more than what i know

    arigato gozaimas
  • halfsan,

    you might want make your way up to camp hansen. you'll either find them at the gym or next to those slot machines.

    If not, then they're probably out in Kinville area looking for fried turkey tails and white rice.
  • half

    1 Chuukese girl, 1 Kosraen Girl, 4 Pohnpeian Girls in Kadena.
    1 Kosraen Guy and 1 Pohnpeian girl in Camp Tori.
    1 Kosraen Guy in Camp kinser and 1 Pohnpeian Guy sameplace currently deployed rightnow.
    1 Yapese guy and 1 Pohnpeian guy in Camp Hansen.
    1 Palauan Guy in Camp Schwab.
    1 SSGT from Yap in Main side Camp Foster.
    Col from Pohnpei/Samoa might left his Futema already.

    Walk around the PX's or Shoppette and keep your eyes open on the Lastnames lol...
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    oh wow, didn't expect to get a quick respond. i've seen a couple guys that looked micronesian, but then as i'm walking up to them they kinda walk away. (lol)
    and would it be possible to get all the names?

    and speaking of turkey tail. i bought some at the commissary but really have no clue how to cook it, what a shame!!

    Kulo na Malulahp!
  • Hey Bronson whats up? How is the motorcycle? I know there are some Micronesians in Afganistan and somebody got some rice. I want some rice...
    You all take care and be safe.
  • Greetings to all the Micronesian Soldiers around the globe.

    I wish you the best of luck to you wherever you may be. Take good care of yourselves, esp. my two sis at NJ and Maine.

    Love and Peace,
  • billy,
    hey partner, bike is good man, come back so we can do some riding again, still cant find any riding buddies up here though, getting kind of tired of riding by my self. Man you are high speed, deployed to Irag and ended up in Afgan, what happened? did the plane take a wrong turn? Post your unit adress maybe our fellow Micronesia will be willing to support you and send you some goodies, but I will send you some rice and whatever else you want, bowl ramen? Sakau? Put up a wish list, ask and you shall receive. Take care and be safe out there man, God Speed.
  • To all my friend in the army....this is 4 u all

    A friend is a treasure
    a friend is someone we turn to
    when our Spirit need a lift
    a Friend is someone we treasure,
    for our friendship is a gift
    A friend is someone who fills our lives,
    with beauty, joy and grace.

    Peace and may God be with you wherever you go
  • Never trust a Sailor on dry land...Go Navy, beat Army all the time.
  • Never trust a sailor when my soap falls:) kidding...Go Army, beat Navy!!!
  • LOL @ when my soap you did it fag...
  • FSM needs more bodybags as its suking up leverage to the USA besides im paying your asses.
  • hey guys, thanks for this outstanding post. I've been in for almost 10 now, Army, stationed in Fort Lewis, WA, 2 deployments and 1 unrestricted tour, alot of new things learned, thinking how should I apply these new things to my fellow islanders preferrably FSM'ers, as we all know, we know where we stand. Anyways, some things to learn i.e PT program to the young and old, diet, marching, timelines, get together, party out, sports, fishing, biking, and you name it. You know SOAP FALLS might be a good PT program but our younger brothers and sisters, they don't know shi...about this, no offense, just an example. But please fellow Soldiers, let's do this and give me some good ideas, if you think I'm dumb please let me stop.

  • Yes indeed, honor and greeting will go straight to the militaries out there. And also my honor to greet the family of the heros, their the one who also sacrifice for our our country. The parents, you are the special people in the eyes of our troops. You raise a wonderful man/woman to be the hero of us all. To the spouse I know you do sacrifice a lot too, from the time he/she ship out of your side till they return, I understand your pain. To the children of the troops, You also the hero of many. You let your dad/ mom out of your side for his duty but knowing the pain in your heart is worse than anything any one can imagine. I do feel your pain. The honors and prayers goes to military and their families....

  • Good stuff...i like this and i will definitely support any service member who's currently deployed with goodies and/or whatever i can...

    007, volleyball this weekend at Brookridge.
  • Hello ran anim and hi to all

    I am a citizen of CHUUKE and am in the ARMY for 10yrs now I am a 62B3O Construction Heavy Equipment Repairer first duty station was 1st cd 27th MSB C co,from jan 2000 to April 2002 then Korea may 2002 to Aug 2003 with the ROCK 61st maintenance Co Camp KYAL , then to 13th cos com 62nd eng ,74th MRBC from Aug 2003 till now but PCS to ALASKA fort Rich been deployed 3 three times to Iraq and beeing blessed to make it back have earned BSM,MSM,ARCOM,AAM,GOOD Cunduct, iraq campaign,korean devese service medal , 4x overseas reabon 2 nco professional reabbon global war on terrorisim expidisionary medal/service medal,UVA, MUC2X

    never been a drill sgt or any of those high speed hero i just do my job
  • too many Amry, NAvy..are rearing each another..what is going on? arent u pledge to serve and protect the Nation? not foggot maniac..
  • Keta this is a relious site and you should know that all human beings are equal no one is special over the other.
  • I really love the Military because I get to choose where ever I want to go.....NOT!!! LOL, Thanks for this thread, great Idea. Thanks.
  • So what are you going to do about it when your time is UP!, I mean do you have a plan or not? I quess you allready have.
  • Ok guys, unfortunately I am not in the Army, please to all you have to do and the most important thing,
  • Holla if u in Korea....
    Camp Humphreys......
  • Fo realz brah.... Shootz come on down to Camp Humphrey's so we chill..... I got alotta friends up in Seol and K-16 NOT to mention Camp Casey as well.... Prolly plan out a good BBQ session for all us Islanders.... Shootz brah!!! Hit me up wen u free!!!
  • You must be one of Kim Jong Ill Concubines.
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