why most Micronesian turn to military? why not college??

just wondering!!


  • College costs money. If you do four years in the military, you get paid, and then get the GI bill to help defray the costs of college. On the first day of service, an E-1 enlistee earns $1,400.00 per month, plus free food, free bed, and free medical care. The base pay for an E-3 is $1,650 per month. Assuming the enlistee resides in barracks for the entire four years of his or her enlistment, and doesn't spend ungodly amounts of money on booze, and women, he or she should be able to save $40,000 - $45,000, depending upon how quickly he or she progresses in rank.

    Where in Micronesia can you earn $16,800 a year without having to pay for food or shelter, and all the while getting free health care and free uniforms. Don't say you could live at home, because as you know it is a Micronesian custom that if you are working, you must share your income with family members who no longer have to work because you are.
  • Where did you get your facts that they're in the military without going to College? There are certain things you need to understand about this military business. Some of our training and military courses are college accredited where you can use upon exiting yourself out of that business and go back to school. They're transferable and maybe not much but few does help minimizing the great number of courses required for you to take before graduating. The Military offers the active duty the time to take college classes while on duty and mostly the online courses. I remember few threads in here talking about Micronesian Chief Warrant Officers. A 2yrs College Degree is a minimum requirement to be accepted into an officer school. I'm sure they've been taking college courses while in the Military. I know micronesian in this USMC who's been actively taking college courses while up on their work ups or on their downtime coming back from deployment. Being an active duty in a leadership position (NCO) you are responsible for your troops welfare. I don't know how it works in the other branches but USMC does encourages all their troops to take College Education and a Commanding Officer will sign of a waver to give you time and opportunity to seek yourself education beside a strict military work. This is where they're taking the Free Tuitioin Assistance advantage. Along with that comes MCI's and advance courses conducted in the Military branch only, where I mention earlier are also count for your college credit. If you're in a leadership position, one of your major responsibility is your Troops education. You will have to give them time to take classes and rotate out the work of the day or whatever mission you're being tasked to make sure they get the job done and they also have time for themselves focusing on taking college classes or other military training/courses.

    If you're joining the military and start celebrating your paychecks without investing for your future education plan then that might be a possible count for LOOSING the interest to go to COLLEGE while in the service. I know few micronesian troops who turn into Military and still going to College.... Its your Choice, and its your Call... The consequences will still be yours :-)...
  • i see,

    now that's what i'm talking about.
    so sarem chuuk u telling me i dont need to use my own money or apply for financial to go to college?
  • No, that is not exactly what I am saying. But as mwohalio says, if you are in the military, you will be encouraged to take college level classes, and will receive college credit for certain classes required by your military duty. The GI bill, after you serve your enlistment, will pay a portion of your remaining college costs, even if it does not pay all of them. Also, if you prove to be a good soldier, the military may pay you to finish college in exchange for your agreement to serve additional time as an officer.

    As someone who has served in the military, there are at least two other benefits, beside the money and the access to lower cost education, which arise from military duty. One, you will learn the value of teamwork. Two, you will learn the value of personal discipline.

    All in all, military service is a good thing for most, even if it is not always a good thing for everyone. Each must choose his or her own course.
  • TA is another assistance available not only for the soliders but also their dependents. GI BILL is available only after one exited the Arm Forces.
  • Well I joined the National Guard for their educational benefits. I didn't want to burden my parents with the tuition cost for my college as they already paid my way in Private Schools since Kindergarten til I graduated High School.

    National Guard has great benefits like the Active Duty. However, National Guardsmen/women are able to use their GI Bill while still in the service. Along with the VEAP if eligible.
  • one gives you money and benefits, the other takes away your money and benefits. one is a sure thing, the other not really. oh, and one of them spends millions of dollars to attract you and say it's the cool and righteous thing to do, while the other does not really advertise and seems to only be attainable to the rich, the connected or the very nerdy.

    now guess which one is which.
  • Maybe because the military offers more benefits. So, ones they are there, no need to go for college. It's like they have enough to live life already. They don't want to help change our society into prosperity. These people I may say that they are selfish. They don't want to help others or even their own country to change into something different and satisfying for everyone. They still want to be dependent to the U.S.A.
  • because military is another way to get all the financial resources.when you learn something you learn and get pay at the same time.you travel around the world 2.3.when you die your family can get pay while they are sleeping after you die. meet different guys and girls.just partty time in the military.
  • The military offers great educational programs that would earn you a degree in various fields, not all, but a few that the military feels vital once a soldier ETS from a unit. The Military will pay for all your courses, unless you fail, it's out of your pockets. They use to give out free laptops when you go to school but they don't do that anymore, correct me if I am wrong. Oh and another thing, the military won't tell you to go to school, it's all up to you. But yes, the military does provide an outstanding educational program.
  • Excuse me Karindong? "These people I may say that they are selfish"? Kiss my rear end on that remark Karindong!!!! Instead of being stuck with held up Scholarships from back home, we took the SMARTER route in taking on something that IS RELIABLE. If you're not in the ARMED FORCES and still picking lice out of your head as snack for the day, keep your evaluation to yourself.
  • lol@ladyred,

    come on now islanders i was just wondering we dont need to go there.
  • Exactly Fatuw! We don't need to go there. Karindong should never have posted such s2pid remark!
  • lollollol....my Lady you sure are one firecracker!

    Besides the pay and the medical benefits along with the life insurance, the Military does discipline soldiers. It also gives them that sense of belonging and contributing to something great. Which it is. Whatever route you take, if it's a stepping stone to a "better tomorrow", there ain't no shame in it. My Ran annim, Kasehlel, Lenwo and Mogething to my braddahz and sistaz in the Military.
  • My Male Friend told me last night he's thinking to go in the Navy, and I was very surprised to find out that it really broke my heart over it. I knew then that I will really miss him so much......Isn't there other options our friends can chose from without feeling Military is the last resort to everything in life? I feel so hurt over the News because I know he's going away.....
  • palikir.. the military will tell you to go to school, starting off with the recruiter!!
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    Then why can't he just go to College and if he fails he pays out of his pocket and if he passes he earns credits.......Scholarships should challenge this programs like Military if they wish these Generations to go to School and make something of this Nation.......What are some sites on the Mainland you can apply for Scholarships?
  • KARINDONG.. shut your dagon stinkin' mouth! u think you're so special huh? they all have they're reasons to join the service and i respect that, u know nothing about them and what they've been through.
  • People feel they ought to join the Military because their father was once a cadet and another reason is because they feel hopelessly lost when they think they are doing nothing in life. I think people should understand that their are things in life to do too. But as long as you are happy with what you are doing, its not because you feel like a failure you have to join the Military. Anyone could have married a prostitude for all the care in the world, but if he's happy then that is all it matters.....that and safety providing as well. Are there other Mics...things to do in life? Name the list and we browse it.
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  • Are you nuts? who will refuse the uncle Sam dinero$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Kamdukw, you are absolutley right, there is a lot of things they can do beside the military minded.
  • U got that right SeaS! If it's a "stepping stone to a better tomorrow", GO FOR IT! Whatever their reason is for joining, whether it's because they need financial stability, educational assistance or jus simply to try out the life in the Military, I respect that and give you props for doing so. I just wish that the Military could have some Station back home in Micronesia (Chuuk, Yap, PNI and KSA).
  • I don't see anything wrong about joining another Organization, except the part they leave their love ones behind to either go die off somewhere or be forgotten for a while because there isn't enough communication going on. It might be a great opportunity to get training on how to use your two hands the same time you are actually learning your math and english, of course there are money behind it while you are accomplishing that. But which is more struggling and hardish to people, attending College/University for four years and get a good paying job, or go to the Military for eight years to get the same amount of credits you will obtain in the University?
  • Instead of college or military, young Micronesians should also look into becoming witchdoctors and spirit channelers. These days the ancient art of witchdoctoring and spirit channeling is starting to die out. We should at least try to preserve these ancient ways so we do not lose them completely. How about COM-FSM offering courses in witchdoctoring and spirit channelling?
  • military is another job/career.. it just requires more responsibility, dedication, and motivation.. what's the big deal?
    why would work at mcdonald? walmart? for the federal government? hooters? etc..
  • In civilian life it is just too hard to handle for some, they get fired here and there but in the military they baby you so you wont go hungry or homeless. sorri but true...lol no offense i have some relatives in there too...lmao
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    Its a Secure job alright, you have housing they move you to here and there,deducting four hundred dollars for cola and clothing, then you get medical insurance where if you drink and jump of the cliff the Insurance won't mind because you are covered, then they pay for everything too, except you have to travel only when you have to for just twenty seven dollars on a C-130, that leaves only your phone to pay, which most of the time it's government own because you are leaving and personnel owns you. If you consider those "babying you" then it's all good.......then why complain when you get
    out after for years with some kind ailment and half of your Insurance is covers still?
  • Hey! You know what? LAdyred. You really sounds like a military personnel, aggressive. But pls. forgive me if I'm wrong. But all I know right now, is that they're laying-off military personnels in this new era of administration. Your new Commander in Chief is laying more soldiers because it's useless to pay them while he is not capable to go for war. Esp. the Army are pretty much decreasing in numbers. Imagine those of you who are not U.S. citizens? You might be one of them in the future.
  • the most suitable feedback in discovering and satisfying the "why" question is to join the military yourself. there is no substitute to a firsthand experience if you were to secure an accurate evaluation on why micros turn to military either before or after college.
  • money! And standards of acceptance.
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