FSM mourns Former V. President Ismael

3:20 p.m.: FSM mourns former vice president
Pacific Daily News • August 1, 2008

Former Vice President Hiroshi Ismael of the Federated States of Micronesia died Thursday in Kosrae, the FSM government announced.

He was 72.
Memorial services for Ismael, the third vice president of the FSM, were held this morning.
“Ismael’s leadership, commitment and guidance during the nation’s early efforts toward self-government earned him the respect of his colleagues and the people of the Federated States of Micronesia,” according to a statement from the FSM government.
“He is one of the nation’s highly revered and deeply respected leaders,” it adds.
Ismael became vice president in 1987.
After his term as vice president, Ismael went back to his home state, where he became the director of Health Services in Kosrae.
Ismael also held various positions and roles during the United Nation’s administration of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.
He is survived by his wife, the former Mitchigo Skilling, their children and grandchildren.

Our prayer is with the family.


  • My prayer goes out to the family. SAD day for FSM.
  • It is better to die than to be born. Now you finally made it. Rest in peace old friend.
  • Our prayers go out to the family.

    RIP Mr H Ismael
  • H. Ismael's Family,
    Just to let you know, you have our sympathy and condolences.
    He was a great man who had contributed a lot for the development of our young Nation. He was certainly a model figure in our nation.
    May he rest in peace............

    The CIMAP Team
  • You were as Hiroshi Isamel,later on as Dr.Isamel and Mr.Vice President Ismael,and continued on as Director of Kosrae Dept.of Public Health and Social Services unto REVEREND HIROSHI ISMAEL of Kosrae,from the tiniest Island of KOSRAE from the Federated States of Micronesia as a Diplomat,Conquere,and also the man that you are with alot of respect that you gave out through your lifestyle I thank you very much for you being Dr.Hiroshi Ismael.You are very much missed by the people of KOSRAE along with the fact that F.S.M as a nation itself missed and always be missed by you Rev.Papa Hiroshi Ismael.
    My Condolences be with your family @ this time of hardship....

    Me & my families best condolences to Nina Mitchigo.Grant.Grino,Lotto,Paul,Kenye, and all the Ismael's

    You were and always be Papa Hiroshi with all the Kosraeans success....

    P/S: Nga Lohng Puhsren Jesue El Pahng'''''''''''''''''''''''''

    with love & sincere,
    Kosrae @ Large
  • Met the honorable man many years ago while attending high school. He came with a group of congressmen on official buiz. Very nice man. Great sense of humor. Down to earth. Easy to get along. In fact, he along with former Pres. John H. drafted my high school graduation speech.

    Deepest sympathy and condolence to his loved ones.
  • A good Leader, may he rest in peace and god grant comfort to his family.
  • I join you all to acknowledge my deepest condolence to you, papa Hiroshi Ismael. I will remember you as the first great Doctor of Kosraea, perfect role model and a great leader...I wish I could construct a new hospital for me so that I will name it after you. Rest in peace. May God Bless Your wife, kids and families.
  • One of Kosrae's revered statesmen and a man who will never be forgotten for his efforts in building the foundations and setting the direction for this nation. Papa Hiroshi will be missed but his legacy will remain.
  • Sure. But what did he contribute while under public payroll?
  • He did a lot for the Chuuk Hospital when working there as Dr. Hiroshi Ishmael. As one of the few great leader who achieved and served our Nation in different and various capacity, he was a humble and respectful man. He had the same quality that the former leaders of FSM had like Nakayama, Olter, Betewel, and our Father from Yap who were easy going, humble, quiet sense of humor and a solid island heart for our people. Thank you, Doctor for the time you served and helped us in Chuuk when Chuuk Hospital was in good quality. Thank you for leading our Nation and serving our people all your life with love and dignity.
  • I want to join in extending my condolences to the family, friends, the people of the great State of Kosrae and the entire FSM for the passing of the late and former FSM Vice President Hirosi Ismael. He was such an accomplished individual and political leader of whom the people of FSM should be proud.

    Just to register my disappointment that the Press Release from the FSM President's office misspelled the late Hirosi's name and everyone else followed in repeating the mistake. It is Hirosi not Hiroshi.
  • To the family and relatives of the late Vice President Hirosi Ismael, may I extend my condolences during these painful days on the loss of our great leader.
    I can not forget his sincere frankness to kids like me over the years we met ocassionally in Pohnpei and around the islands in Micronesia. Though he parted at a young age, his strong Kosraen character will live forever in our memories.
    As gifted as he was, being the first surgeon from our islands, coupled with the high ranking positions from which he served the the people of FSM, Vice President/Dr. Hirosi Ismael was an humble man, and truly a role model for the youths of FSM.
    May the Lord grant you the peace and happiness you deserve.

    thank you
  • rest in peace
  • I want to rremember Vice President Ismael too. I heard he is a nice guy. Before my family left Chuuk, my dad was one police officer. Vice President Ismael was coming to Chuuk for an inauguration. He been drinking with Governor John Mangafel in Yap and kept drinking on the plane. He came to Chuuk and my dad and the police had to help him off the plane. They say his pants were wet. What a guy.
  • did you wash his pants?
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