Upcoming Election in Yap is Hot!

this is especially will be the precint #15 for Lamotrek, Elato, and Satawal...tshirts are now in printing shop ready to printed with the word SPAM--as it stands for SELAPIY POPWUN ACH MANAU which literally means MONEY IS THE SOURCE OF OUR LIFE. watch out don't buy or eat SPAM. some of the voters were bribed by giving something just to buy their votes off. bye and see there.


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    As a people, we became a nation because we wanted independence. But how do we achieve that in a democracy? In democracy, our social harmony is founded on the consitutional freedom of each individual. Our micronesian democracies continue to fail, because we don't fully understand this foreign concept.

    Are your fellow men, like your chiefs and relatives, influencing your vote? Is your cultural and family ties dictating your vote? It's great that we continue to learn, work, cry and be happy together, as a cultural society. But there are some things we must freely do alone, in order for democracy to be successful in the FSM. We must think and vote alone. Just an opinion though.
  • Sorry handsome. My culture is ALWAYS with me even at the polling place. My family's family don't dictate me to vote for a particular canditate. As a matter of fact, my family's family makes a special family voting for a canditate before actually vote on the election day.
  • Hmmm...socialistic referendum. If a bus driver uses instead canoe sailing skills in his occupation, the bus ride is prone to end abruptly in a ditch or drastically over a cliff. In Micronesia, the core concepts in mechanisms for culture and democracy are in many ways incompatible. Just my opinion.
  • thats going on in yap now? are u guys still following the cultural believes?
    what about these shirts selling in yap called SPAM. Get this and flush it down the toilet.
    Mom never ever buy this. I will send u a shirt with the pix of me and mah familia on it.
    not a spam crazy shirt. Now it is showing that outer of yap are up for money only..
  • Democracy is a very messy difficult process wherever you live....Yap or Oregon or wherever. It's because it continually challenges individuals to question their culture as per health, religion, wealth, lifestyle, education, etc. But because of ready access to global media, you will find it difficult to avoid & difficult to integrate your Pacific island culture into democracy. It's an ongoing process...never stops. Good Luck!
  • Democracy is NOT a difficult process if you choose not to make it. Our chiefs may advise us on who to vote but they DONÊ»T hold our pencils. To make a difference we have to be brave enough to make the right choice and no 1 sees you do it. We here in Yap have to invite all our candidates to a public forum or debate so that we may ask them of their plans or do they have any? We should make it manditory that each one has a plan of action down on paper to present to the public and NOT just beers and empty promises.
  • Speaking of democracy, Yap is at this juncture in time very far from that especially when exercising ones right in a democratical process and as a chief you should understand the situations regarding major impedmint between the two, ''CULTURAL TRADITIONS VS. DEMOCRACY". Scientifically speaking,no two things can occupied the same space at the same time. Thank you chief for your quest of having the candidates to a public debates. I know it is incumbent on each and everyone of us to make the best choice.
    All yours and again thank you.
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  • Hey???Where's the urinal?
  • I feel that Chief is right on target in his recommendation for an open forum for all candidates. It is absolutely necessary to achieve transparency.
  • speaking of ruecho, This is the yap gov, that touch the stewadess.What a shame to re-elect this person in the office to continue his doing.Now he told people in yap that these things are his personal problems.What? Just remember that now is the election time fat lier know his way out for re-election. well this is what he promised b 4. I will replaced the boat that servicing outer island. now where??????????????????????????????????? again he went a head and invest in palau air
    for millions. Now where is the plane.. come on people.. I need justification b 4 i put the no#2 pencil to circle your name..
    lastly to our un educated chiefs, your gifts from Ruecho is only for u but not for your suffer people..
  • longoiraw.....ur totally wrong about ur crazy shirt thingy. i dont see any shirt flying around in yap with that spam thingy of urs on it. i know you jealous because most of the government employees are from the precint 15. so please dont talk about things that are not true.
  • Hollo, Mr. Smart! Your wrong here. Most of government employees are Yap proper than precint 13, then precint 12, then precint 14, and then your precint #15
  • Hey ladies and gentlemen, why don't we just do it the easiest way. (1)individually vote for your canditate base on whom you believe will run our government good. (2)don't chose or force someone to vote for whom you like, it doesn't matter if you are the mother, father, uncle, aunt, and etc...

    Note: when it comes to vote there is no brothers, sisters, and any related ties.

    This is just an advise base on what i saw from our islands in Yap State. This thing is very common in the outer islands of Yap, but i don't know why. I think that they fallow the wrong side of vote, which is the cultural way of living. Don't ever think of taking the way we are (our culture) and tie it the foreign culture. Never never.....that this will bring the success to the FSM or specifically our state Yap......lol........aight aight and gotta bouce.
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  • sawgagai,

    is this a formal poll, conducted by a reputable news organization?

    is this just an informal survey of friends and family members?

    or is this just wishful thinking?
  • I think it is wishful thinking. Just look at the percentages. Even a moron can see that something is wrong with the picture.
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  • sawgagai,

    how do you account, then, for the fact that the candidates' percentages add up to over 500%?
  • How about Timothy Thitin? How many percentages?
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  • If we truely want drastic changes in Tablaw, we should give one for Timothy Tithin Tomed...
    he may not be at the top of the heap...but he's closer to me ..at the bottom of the heap..
    Tim, rest assured..you had my one vote..
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    Other notable quotes:
    Ganangyan - 'I havent quite figure out what qualifies me to be a senator, but the voters must have because they keep voting me in every elections.

    Rutun - ' I'm just your average joe. I know nothing.'

    Kensof -"huh"
  • sawgagai,

    thank you for your clarification. i suspected that your poll allowed poll-takers up to six votes per voter; that explains why the percentage points total more than 500%.

    i have to say, however, that i am not sure if this poll of yours should be given much weight. you note that the poll was conducted with 103 cellphone users who texted their choices. i think it's fair to say that most of the poll-takers were young, not-quite traditional, and very tech-savvy--in short, the poll-takers form an unrepresentative sample of the yapese voting population. i think there are two types of yapese voters: the older, more traditional, less tech-savvy type, and the type described above. between the two types, the "older" type tends to vote more than the "younger" type; if anything, younger voters are greatly disillusioned about the state of yapese politics today, and they are not as easily swayed by village or family pressures to vote as older voters are. thus, i believe your poll sample is unrepresentative of the general yapese voting population.

    furthermore, i don't find it surprising that henry falan tops your poll (although barely so). falan was instrumental in spearheading significant changes in yap state's department of education when he was its director. a significant part of his overhaul was the revamping of the department's technology policies, which included upgrading the department's computers, fitting village schools with multimedia access, bringing in outside IT personnel to maintain the new equipment and cultivate a tech-savvy student populace, and hiring a number of young yapese students to work as tech specialists in the department. over the course of falan's tenure at DOE, he managed to impress many youngsters who directly benefitted from his policy changes in the department and in yap's many public schools. these tech-savvy youngsters are now of voting age, and they remember falan very fondly. since (i believe) most of the poll's participants belong to that group (or have been influenced by that group over the years), i am not surprised that such participants voted so strongly for falan.

    this, of course, means that the poll sample is skewed towards falan. a fairer, more representative poll would not utilize cell-phone technology, but would instead utilize more common forms of telecommunication (e.g. the regular phone), or even door-to-door questioning. if such an alternative were chosen, i believe the poll result will not only be more representative of the yapese voting population, but would also NOT have falan at the top. i think older yapese, in particular, remember falan's rough-shod handling of certain political and community affairs during his first tenure in the yap state legislature; falan actually resigned from that tenure because community outrage was so significant.

    i think a poll that samples both older and younger voters would provide a fairer view of the voting preferences of yapese voters.

    having said that, i applaud you, sawgagai, for even making an effort to conduct a poll. sometimes, i feel that yap is a stagnant morass, simply churning in its wake and not really motivated to advance.
  • While we critique a radio interview, let us remember that there are many other yapese who are talented speakers, slick talkers or smart alecs who can pleasure the listeners. The point here is not on who is a smooth talker, but rather who is the most capable candidate(s) to promote and defend the interests of the yapese public and their descendents.
  • guys be cool...........8 8........just sut-up and wait.........peace out!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -bounce nimwa
  • Let us not be fooled by our candidates who told us on the radio that all the projects for Waab were all funded. To tell you the truth only the Yap Memorial Hospital and a hardware were funded amongst the infrastructure funded projects for the state of Yap. All the rest were all denied. No pojects in the outer islands were funded. None from the dispensaries out there, but when you listen to the one who spoke on the radio he really fooled the people that all these projects' funding were all approved. please tell us the truth, and nothing but the truth.

  • Yes, I am strongly agreed with the previous speakers. The new candidate for the lt. gov is really taking his time on the radio fooling the people that all the proposed projects for the State of Yap were all funded. From what we got from the JEMCO people here in Pohnpei were that, most of the projects for our state were not approved, except the Yap Memorial Hospital and two others. No dispensaries projects in the outer islands were funded.

    We the voters would want to hear the truth and nothing else. That what happened to the current administration. Promised government employees to raise their salaries, but nothing happened. Now their four years is up and nothing happened from their promises.

    Why these candidates were mentioning the investment for the State of Yap when the investment was not done during their administration? I am sorry, but I am not a fooled. I people to tell me the truth and straight forward. I hate people talk for the sake of talk and nothing happened in the end.


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