Joe Biden say no to $15 minimum wage he promised

Where is it? He promised to make sign it into executive order on his first day in office. First day was when? How many executive order now. Thats a statement not a question for the ignorant folks in here.


  • Executive order is for dictators only, this is democracy
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    Visa, Biden passed more executive orders than Trump. Trump passed 7 Executive orders under 4 years. While Biden has passed 25 under two months. Dictator? Who? It's a statement Not question.
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    Visa, Is it a dictator or democracy, under biden?
  • Good God Almighty, Raper is an idiot! Simply an idiot! Makes stuff up, no sources, no methods other than madness personified.

    Raper says:

    " Biden passed more executive orders than Trump. Trump passed 7 Executive orders under 4 years. While Biden has passed 25 under two months."

    Actually, fool, Trump signed 220 Executive Orders in (not under, fool) four years. And that is only Executive Orders!

    If you include other executive actions, such as Presidential determinations, Presidential proclamations, Administrative orders, Presidential notices, Presidential sequestration orders, and National security presidential memoranda, the total number rises to almost 900!

    Here, fool, read the list. If somebody put a piece of paper in front of Trump, he signed it, and then he held it up for the camera and grinned like an Orange Baboon!

    You are correct that Biden signed more Executive Orders than Trump did in his first 39 days. Biden signed 34 Executive Orders through the end of February, and Trump only signed 15 in the same period. That was because they couldn't get him off the golf course, and nobody would bring a desk to the sixth tee to give him something to write on.

    220 Executive Orders over four years, fool. 55 per year, every year, year in and year out. In order for Biden to catch Trump's first full year total, Biden would have to sign 24 more Executive Orders in the next ten months.

    Get a calendar, fool. Make a mark every day that Biden signs another Executive order between now and January 19, 2022. Then count up the marks (if you can count, that is) and see if Biden has signed a total of 58 Executive Orders in his first full year.

    What a pathetic fool.
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    Sarem, lets do a socialists love fact check.

    Biden back in 2016: its unlawfu and unamerican and unconstitutional to pass laws through executive orders. Now Biden has passed more under 2 months than the last 4 President (Trump, Obama & Bush jr).

    Thats not a question its a statement.
  • And the statement is a bald faced lie. Because you never learned how to tell the truth.

    When you were beating off in the bathroom, and your mother asked you what you were doing, you said "Nothing, mom." And since that first lie, you have never been able to tell the truth. You can only lie.

    Because you are a pathetic fool.
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