People entering to U.S. under Biden/Kamala, from Mexico aren't Given Covid Test.

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  • The synonym for stupid is spelled "dumb," dummie.

    BTW, how would you know? Did you just come back from Mexico? Do you have any proof? Of course not, just more baboon shit.
  • I old you Reaper, there is nothing satisfying like Trump gone. You promised he will remain till 2024 but noooooo!!! Nothing matters now, i don't even care about what democrats and Biden do now, its the only thing that matters, Trump's gone...hahahaha.
  • We can get arrested for not wearing Mask in America. But illegal immigrants can come to America without getting tested if They are healthy or not?
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    Its now ok cuz Biden is president and you no care cuz Trump is not there. Didn't we all get blood tests and poop tests before we moved to America? Thats not a question its a statement.
  • If it is a statement, why did you end it with a question mark? BTW, how did your poop test come out, shithole?
  • Back to the topic Sarem. Its ok now for Biden to put children in cages? U know its wrong. But like always u go for the statement and not the question.
  • Its ok for bombing RMI AFTER WW2 cuz like u said its not a question, but rather a statement. Ur answer to the statement says it all. On behalf of all The people of the RMI i would like to kindly say: Kolan Jim├Ám!. Thats a statement not a question.
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