More people died undercover in New York Nursing home's in CV19


  • At least they had covers! In Texas, a strongly Republican state, lots of people died from the cold because the profit mongers in the oil and gas industry paid off Republican politicians so they would not have to weatherize the gas well heads, leading to massive failure of the electrical grid.

    Then, apparently just for the joy of rubbing salt in an open wound, the electrical grid operators raised the rates for electricity by THOUSANDS of a percent, so that people who actually could get electricity would have electrical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars, so the gas operators would not have to suffer any loss of profit.

    Capitalism at work!
  • @SaremChuuk. Read ur first sentence.

    "At least they at covers"

    Damn you ok with it? Ladies and Gentlemen, i give u my opponent.

    Its like when the Democrats said when they used Bikini to experiment nuclear weapons.

    When They were deciding to test nuclear weapons after WW2. Remember Japan surrendered. They chose Bikini after japan surrendered.

    "Who cares about a punch of people in the middle of no where"

    That was in 1945. After WW2.

    Now days its ok they had cover's!!!!
  • The least you could do, fool, is quote me correctly. I did not say "At least they at covers." That would make no sense and would be very poor English. I said "At least they had covers, which is proper English sarcasm, directed at you, fool.

    And so that you know, I am not your "opponent." I don't pick fights with weaklings and fools.
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    Sarem u making excuses like always. We talk different. U got what i said. This how real color people talk. Kaboran! In Kajin majol it mean mix or u pidgin. The language of the brown folks in the Bajibika/Pasifika/Pacific ocean. Thats not a question its a fact.
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