Unemployment more way up now than when Trump was President


  • Got any proof, scumbag? No, of course you don't. That's because there is no proof, just more Raper bullshit.

    But if you want to know (of course you don't, facts just get in the way), the unemployment rate as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics fell 0.4 percent from December, 2020 to January, 2021. Contrary to your reflexive lie, however, there is currently no way of knowing whether "[u]nemployment more way up now than when Trump was President" (great use of the English language, fool).

    That is because Trump was president until January 20, 2021, and there are no unemployment numbers yet available for the month of February, the first month that the world was freed from the Orange Baboon.

    The first full month post-Liar-in-Chief will be February, 2021, and the unemployment numbers for that month will not be available until at least the end of the first week in March, which, in case you lost your calendar along with your mind, will not occur for at least a couple of weeks.

    BTW, here are the actual graphs and numbers through January, 2021, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. I included the web pages that have graphs, as well as words, because I know you like pictures, and have a lot of trouble with words and numbers.


    The actual, factual numbers are just to prove that your eyes are brown. Because you are full of shit up to your forehead.

    Pathetic fool.

    BTW, did you notice that until your unfortunate reappearance, there has been almost no mention of the Orange Baboon in this Forum for at least three months?
  • 10 million people are now permanently unemployed. 49,000 thousand jobs only added under Joe Biden job report for January of 2021.
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    The lowest Job report Trump got under 4 years was 100,000.
  • Do you have any proof, fool? Does it hurt when you pull shit out of your ass, fool?

    "The lowest job report Trump got under 4 years was 100,000." For Christ's sake, fool, that statement doesn't make any sense at all. Did you graduate from kindergarten yet, fool?

    I can't believe it, fool, but you got one number almost right. There are just about 10.1 million people unemployed as of the end of 2020. Whose damned fault is that, fool? In March, 2020, at the beginning of the Orange Baboon's 4th year in office, there were almost 151 million employed Americans. In April, 2020, there were +/- 130 million employed Americans.

    OVER 20 MILLION (20,000,000) AMERICANS LOST THEIR JOBS IN ONE MONTH! While the Liar-in-Chief was still tweeting from the White House and playing golf at Mar-a-Lago!

    And you think it is an Orange Baboon success that the number of unemployed Americans has dropped from 20 million to 10 million!?!

    And as I said above, if you could read, there will be no Biden job report until March, 2021. The White Supremacist-in-Chief was playing with himself in the White House until January 20, 2021 when he sneaked out of town with his tail between his legs while nobody was looking . Biden's first full month in office was February, 2021. The February, 2021 BLS jobs report for February cannot, as a matter of science (you know science, right fool?), be published until after February ends.

    Pathetic fool.
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    49,000 jobs added in January of 2021 is a statement. Is that a lie? 2021 is Biden.
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