Republic of Palau and FSM condemn pro-Trump riot at U.S. Capitol

The Republic of Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia are condemning the riots that took place at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, delaying the certification of the presidential election by Congress.


Thousands of rioters gathered at the National Mall to protest the election results. At a campaign-style rally about an hour before the mob broke through police lines at the Capitol, Trump had urged them to go to the building.

A Palau flag can be seen in a video being shared on social media from the riot at the Capitol building.

DC updates: 4 dead, 52 arrested, 14 police officers injured

Palau condemns use of flag

Hersey Kyota, ambassador of Palau to the U.S., condemned the use of the Palau flag at the event.

FSM President David Panuelo in a letter said the people of the FSM woke up to watch in horror as President Donald Trump openly solicited acts of domestic terrorism against the people and government of the U.S.

"At the time of this writing, the people of Micronesia have witnessed the U.S. president reject democracy and democratic principles, and endorse fascism, by openly calling on his supporters to overthrow the will of the American public and the democratic process, resulting in domestic terrorists entering the chambers and offices of U.S. senators and members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the death of at least one innocent person," he wrote

Panuelo said the government and people of the FSM are the most ardent supporters of American values and politics. Micronesia's democracy is based in large part on the American form of governance and Micronesians believe in democracy and upholding democratic institutions, which was taught by American partners, he wrote

The FSM denounces the actions of Trump and his supporters, which the nation recognizes as undemocratic, violent and entirely contrary to the spirit of American concepts of liberty, Panuelo wrote.

"The people and government of the Federated States of Micronesia is a remarkably close friend of the people and government of the United States of America. ... But friends have an obligation to look their friends in the eye and tell them when something is wrong, and when their behavior is unacceptable. What President Trump is doing is wrong, and what his supporters are doing is wrong. These behaviors are unacceptable," he wrote.

The FSM stands with the U.S., Panuelo wrote.


  • Is RMI NOt condemning or what?. the weakest link in the region, probably! or what?
  • This is an internal matter for the US. They’ll fix it themselves. I don’t see why FSM should voice its concern. Nothing will come of it. I mean NOTHING. don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
  • actually, FSM is doing the right thing by condemning trump and his mobster attacking the capital and democracy.
  • I agree, visafree. Democracy dies if no one defends it.
  • Democracy dies, freedom dies, the world be in chaos with tyranny and dictatorship the slavery form of government will be in charges WAR between Nations escalate to seek the most powerful dictatorship on the planet...People migrates to USA because it stand on Democracy and the Rule of Laws where people are Free to choose and pursue life, liberty and happiness according to their wills.

    In actuality people of Micronesia are joining the rest of the world to laugh at The world's greatest laughing stock.We don't have to denounce it.Majority of people back home do not care.

  • @Visafree/Weakest link in the entire nation? Why should we care for an empire that's well on it's way towards ruin.Her end is near.America bombed us then my people are now laughing at them now.As I will again say folks back home couldn't care less.They may show their loyalty to Merica but by heart we hate it.

    •Marshall Islands took every major power that possesses nuclear weaponry to court.
    •We spoke at the UN warning the world of the destruction climate change will have on us all for many years to come.Microensia is amonsts many to face this threat head on.
    •Darlene Keju was regarded as Microensia's greatest activist.She was well known for her speech to show the world America's dark nuclear past in RMI
    •Ancient marshallese raided fsm before colonizers out of desperate search for resources as our islands had little to distribute around.We conquered you guys.
    •It took 300 years for Marshallese to finally kneel before western colonialism and Christianity.
  • Hey Nobody!, try to compare those talking points of yours to today's reality and you will find nothing close to weakness. When FAS called out the PIF mistreatment toward them? RMI did nothing// now this called out for the defense of democracy, where is RMI?.. again like I said, the weakest link in the region.. this is the fact!
  • To be fair, the RMI is the only one of the three Compact nations to host a vital U.S. military installation, the U.S. Army Garrison at Kwajalein Atoll.

    Also, Palau has invited the U.S. to establish a military installation on their soil.
  • Hey FM i can understand the U S army Kwaj Atoll. what I don't understand is the "Garrison". Why Garrison?
  • my point of view is, how would that Installation be if and when democracy dies? I know from experience people from this region choose not to be dictated by other outside influences but the fact these small nations are still dependent on outside help?.. what your best shot at this?

  • Good question about the "garrison" designation, visafree.

    A few years ago, as I understand it, logistical support responsibility for base operations at Kwajalein was shifted from the Army's Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) to the Army's Installation Management Command (INCOM).

    It was an internal Army administrative decision that did not seem to significantly change the mission or the operations on Kwaj.
  • ***
  • I’m really worried. Anyone checking in on pornstar and his friends? Hope they’re doing fine.
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