• I'm enjoying every bit of this lool
  • Enjoy it in America, Nobody, because you won't have any freedom of speech or protest after you move to China or Russia as you plan to do. LOL
  • @Factsmatter/Says the westerner who never step foot onto either country.They have more freedom of we do.Indigenous people and Africans are treated lesser here in the states you're either blind to see it or choose to ignore.Keep regurgitating that aging nonsense.Better yet pay those nations a visit I'm more than certain that brainwashed mind will realized how much of a sheep you've become feeding into the western lies.Democracy and freedom no longer exist in the western civilization.
  • So when are you moving to China or Russia, MrNobody905?

    Or will you just continue enjoying the freedom and opportunity you have in America while whining like a spoiled brat?

    Words are cheap, my friend. Back up your words with action.

  • Let me see if I understand your argument, MrNobody905. The US is a bullshit, colonialist, failing democracy and China is much better. And yet you live in the United States, the country you hate. Why aren't you living in the Marshalls, where you are from? Could it be that you can't get any of the perks in the Marshalls that you enjoy here in the failing US? Like Medicaid? Or low cost community college. Or free public education for your children, if you were able to find a wife who could stand your whining. Or a job that pays $10 per hour. Or reliable electricity and telephone service.

    I have to agree with FM. You are just a whiner, living off the good old US while attacking it. Must make you feel pretty good. Try going back home and helping the Marshallese, the warriors that you claimed in another thread conquered the rest of Micronesia.

    What a bullshit artist.
  • Lol! I must've hit a nerve.This is great!
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