"Us has the worst educational system known to science"-Michio Kaku


  • Sure. That's why hundreds of thousands of Chinese compete every year for acceptance into American colleges and universities.

    You should join them, MrNobody. You might learn something. LOL
  • @FactsMatter/ No Need I'm already in my third yr in college.Soon to graduate.Eager to leave the world's greatest laughing stock of a nation.

    I wouldn't be laughing when we're outwitted by foreigners who makes up majority of PHD&Reg degrees than actual Americans.Those studying here at home are predominantly Asians.And guess what? The're returning to their countries.Think you missed Dr.Kaku's point of H1B.Universities here are top notch yes but not all American can achieve it.
  • MrNobody905 , I hope you enjoy your privilege of living in the U.S. and studying at one of its many fine colleges.

    Is the U.S. education system perfect? Of course not. But no one is forcing you to live in the U.S. and attend school there.

    So, why don't you move to China? Maybe you will be a happier person there. You certainly seem to be very unhappy in the U.S.
  • @FactsMatter/Oh believe me I will most certainly move to China.Planned that years ago even before I became a freshman.Took further steps to continue learning Mandarin and Chinese Hanzi.There are many others like me who views US the same.Nobody is happy here.Most people are eager to leave.

    Do you know how Marshallese people got here? The history of my nation's dark past with yours? We were forced to relocate encouraged moreso to come to the United States while our kingdom was used for nuclear bomb tests.More problems still arosed once we migrated here.I with many other of my people certainly didn't live under privilege.It was more of a survival.I was extreamly lucky to be the few that took the path to college.It wasn't easy.

    You're the privileged one that spews outlandish BS on here.
  • The sooner you move to China the better. Do us all a favor and keep learning their languages.
  • @FactsMatters/The truth I utter burns through your skull doesn't it?
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