120 MILLION People in the US are on private insurance vs 8 million on Socialits Obama care

If socialism is so good why are 120 million people in America are on private insurance and not Democrat Socialits Obamacare. Only 8 million people are on obamacare. Lol. While 120 million are on private insurance.


  • The question would have been more accurately stated as - "If socialism is so good why are 120 million people in America are on corporate socialist insurance and not Democratic Socialist Obama care. --"
    By the way, using your numbers that leaves about 328 - 128 = 200 million uninsured. This leaves the 128 million using corporate socialist and democratic socialist insurance programs to drive the 18 percent of GDP it represents. Given our outcomes and health metrics the current system(s) looks Neanderthal.

    What this is REALLY all about is a retroactive go away action on the Obama care 3.8 percent surtax on investment income; a tax that applies only after very generous thresholds. That tax was to contribute to the Medicare Funds.
    Those living on investment income, such as Mr. Trump, have never had to significantly contribute to the support of the sick and disabled through our Social Security Programs, and they certainly are not going to start now. Collecting that surtax was suspended by The Head Front Monkey's first executive order, but it is still owed. I wonder what THAT number is?
    The organized opposition to that surtax financed the Anti-Obama care movement. Forced participation by the working poor may be the driver; but it is the surtax that brought the big sticks to the game.
    Mr. Trump's confidence that public ignorance will carry him through this travesty shows the enemy as anyone or anything that promotes the greater good at the expense of those who have the most but give the least. Both the blue pompom front monkeys and the red pompom front monkeys are with Mr. Trump on this one; it is only the theater that requires the bluster.
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    @Gavilan give us links to your counter claims not your own personal opinion, as VP Biden said to VP candidate Harris.

    You wrote 5 paragraphs above but not a single link or source to back your argument. Good night.
  • Socialits???

    LOL @ Reaper, the guy who cannot even spell the word 'socialist,' let alone understand what the word means.

    And then he lectures Galivan about providing 'sources'?! Reaper, the guy who posts garbage truckloads of daily Trumpaganda , almost none of it based on facts or evidence?

    Thanks for the good laugh.

  • Maybe a picture will help you understand, Reaper. image
  • Let me add a couple of points to Gavilan's well stated discussion about the Affordable Care Act. One part of the Act that Reaper conveniently leaves out is the increase in the limits for access to Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act, in addition to providing access to over 8 million people who could not get medical insurance, also increased the limits for access to Medicaid to 138% of the poverty level.

    This allowed an additional +/- 12 million people who could not get access to private medical insurance to join the Medicaid program. These people were those who earned more than what Medicaid permitted in the past, but who were too poor to afford any other private insurance programs or gain access through the marketplace established by the Affordable Care Act.

    Under these new eligibility requirements, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that 17 million nonelderly adults would have gained coverage under Medicaid expansion (14). However, in June 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court found that states cannot be mandated to participate in the proposed Medicaid expansion, giving states the option either to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act or to keep their preexisting level of Medicaid benefits without risking loss of federal funding. As of February 9, 2014, 25 states indicated they would not participate in Medicaid expansion at this time (Figure 1) (15, 16). While the Congressional Budget Office anticipates that most states will eventually participate in Medicaid expansion despite initially declining, the revised enrollment estimates project 4 million fewer new enrollees by 2023, or approximately 25% fewer than initially anticipated under mandated Medicaid expansion (14).


    (REAPER: In case you can't understand this quote from the nih.gov article because it only has words, and no pictures, what is says is because states run by Republicans would not sign on to Medicaid expansion for political reasons, the original estimates of 17 million new enrollees in Medicaid was reduced by 25%, to +/- 12 million.)

    And Reaper also -- for the sole purpose of attacking a healthcare program which has provided +/- 20 million poor and under-served Americans -- has also apparently forgotten the Childrens' Health Insurance Program, a vital safety net for America's children.

    Here, fool, another link for you. Read until you puke.


    And while we are discussing Socialist programs, don't forget the VA, or Tricare for current or retired members of the military. We take care of our own, Reaper. At least as much as we can given the White Nationalists who control the Republican Party.

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