120 People in the US are on private insurance vs 8 million on Socialits Obama care

If socialism is so good why are 120 million people in America are on private insurance and not Democrat Socialits Obamacare. Only 8 million people are on obamacare. Lol. While 120 million are on private insurance.


  • Because those 120 million received healthcare coverage through their employers as a benefit, fool. At least they did until March, 2020, when COVID-19 caused massive layoffs and loss of benefits for those laid off.

    Now, the unemployed only have one or two possible avenues to obtain healthcare. Medicaid, with its higher levels of minimum income for qualification, or the Affordable Care Act. Medicaid would only be available to those who live in states who opted in to the revised program that the Affordable Care Act provides.

    Unemployed with children may possibly be able to avail themselves of the benefits of the Childrens' Health Insurance Program (CHIP) if eligible under the Affordable Care Act's increase in income levels for qualification for that program.

    It is estimated that the massive unemployment caused by COVID-19 has led to +/- 12 million formerly employed losing their health care.


    So your 120 million is now less than 110 million, and will continue to shrink as the crisis becomes worse due to the failures of your Cult Leader.
  • The 120 million are rich people who do not need the Obama Care. Us Micronesian are poor and we need the Obama Care just like the 80 million.
  • 1 % rich and 99% poor.. Obama n Biden champions of equality.
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