Trump return to Whitehouse orders chief of staff to release info on how russian investigation starte

Trump got back into the Whitehouse and is on his way to beating the chinese made virus. His 1st order of business when he got back to the Whitehouse was to order his chief of staff and his director of national security to declassify all the information in regards to how the Obama administration along with hillary clinton campaign used Russian goverment information to use the federal goverment to spy on trump and to sabotage trump 1st term as president.

Smart move. Now the American people will know before the election how Democrats and the Obama Biden administration tried to carry out a coup on a dully elected president.

Trump is smarter than we think. Using the same tactics the Obama and democrats used in 2016 against Biden in 2020 without using the federal goverment to spy on biden like obama and biden did on 2016.


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