F.B.I. Director Warns of Russian Interference and White Supremacist Violence

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray contradicts efforts by President Trump and other officials to downplay the threats.

“Racially motivated violent extremism,” mostly from white supremacists, has made up a majority of domestic terrorism threats, Mr. Wray told the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee.

He also echoed an intelligence community assessment last month that Russia was conducting a “very active” campaign to spread disinformation and interfere in the presidential election, with Mr. Biden as the primary target.

“We certainly have seen very active — very active — efforts by the Russians to influence our election in 2020,” Mr. Wray said, specifically “to both sow divisiveness and discord, and I think the intelligence community has assessed this publicly, to primarily to denigrate Vice President Biden in what the Russians see as a kind of an anti-Russian establishment.”

Mr. Wray’s blunt comments were the latest example of a top national security official contradicting President Trump’s downplaying of Russian election interference. A homeland security official has accused the Trump administration of soft-pedaling both the Russian and white supremacist threats because they would make “the president look bad.”


  • Trailing Joe Biden in the polls, Trump knows that the only way he can stay in the White House is to stop Americans from voting. That's why he creates conspiracy theories about unproven "election fraud."

    Trump is a world-class liar and a fraud. Even Republicans are now admitting that and jumping off the off-the-rails "Trump Train."

    You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
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