What happened to this once educational forum?

The last time I visited here was a century ago where discussions and participants were declining, both in interest and numbers. I am surprised to find now that this once good hangout room has become worst. What a shame as all current participants sound like egotistical losers seeking attention amongst themselves. Nowadays we call people like you all idiots.


  • So, when was the last time YOU contributed an educational topic or comment to this forum, Kodon?

    Or do you think calling all of us - yourself included, presumably - "idiots" is "educational."

    Is this your long-awaited "educational" contribution? If so, I can't wait for your next educational post. lol
  • According to his profile page, the last discussion started by Kodon was in 2011. Been busy, huh Kodon? Welcome back!
  • Calling people idiots yet can't tell the difference of a timeline term.Century,wow you truly are ancient.This forum has always been worst.From the start unto the modern age we all live in.This site has it all from great to vile.Members then were equally chaotic/dumb to the ones we have now.One thing stands is people are free to express their thoughts.
  • Thank you kodon same for youimageimage
  • Glad I got your attention. You all have contributed to the stench that has chased everyone from this forum. Most of you are posting under multiple aliases, which leads you to believe that you have strong following in this forum. The vast majority of your posts have very little relevance to MICRONESIA and yet you think that many people are interested in reading them. Fyi, every time you click your own thread it will register and show that two people have viewed you post. In actuality, it could very well be just you reading and increasing the number of visits to your own stupid and ridiculous threads. Who in the world would want to read or watch CNN, Fox, etc and come in here only to find the same story repeated and being debated on by just two people. Hell, some threads have only one poster writing a whole book on it as if normal people actually read it. Anyways, take care and I will come back in another 10 years or so to check on you all. Good bye.
  • Nice to see you again. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.
  • Bar yokwe, Kodon!
  • @Kodon/And what can you personally do about it to change things around here?.Lol stfu and stay away if you're troubled by this forum.Nobody is forcing you.
  • This forum is outdated, need to be revamped.
  • Its not Y-O-K-W-E! Its I-A-K-W-E!!!! Yokwe was determined by the RMI nitijela as the imperial system of saying...lol

    Jalooj, Boknake ilo forum in! Jab bwebwe jen rilikin rani.
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