Pwat, ese tawe an Chuuk State Priority Infrastructures me ekkoch programs?

Ita ururun ew me nein ach Chuuk State Priority Infrastructures, Iwe ena al Weno.

Met nouch Governor a fori ngeni ekkei money, FSM Congress mi awora non annuk fan iten an Chuuk State Priority Infrastructures me other programs.
Seni 2017, 2018 me 2019?

Chuuk State Governor ii allottee won ekkei money.

Ikkei ekkei Public Laws:

1. Public Law # 19-124
Non 2017, FSM Congress ra awora ukukun $ 5, 650, 000 for Priority Infrastructures and other programs.
Ka fetei ei ukukun oo Governor ?

2. Public Law # 20- 53.
Non 2018, FSM Congress ra awora ukukun $ 4,000,000 for Priority Infrastructures and other programs.

Ka fetei ei ukukun o Governor? Nge sise kuna met mi fis?

3. Public Law # 20- 141.
Non 2019, FSM Congress ra awora ukukun $6,000,000 for Priority Infrastructures and other programs.

Ka fetei ekkei ukukun oo Governor? Nge ina ena al ese chiwen eoch?

Non ekkei ukukun money mi kawor, sia nuku nge mi tongeni atawei ena alenap won Weno.
Nge ia chok a cheno ian, ekkei millionun money?

Ka pusin nom non ami we fos chon Penia ,
" Ke meseik pwe ne woran ee?"

Iwe mwa Governor, pwat, ka nounou ngawei monien ei Covid 19 mi kawor? Pwat, ka hired chon angang rese weweiti met repwe fori? Fan iten omw vote ren omw ei sa ngeni Congress, ina pwat, ka chok hired chon angang rese weweiti met repwe fori ee?

C'mon Governor! Kose mochen kosap iteni iten latest phone? SMARTPHONES!

Iwe pwan ew, pwat, ka ngeni Etop Sos $64,000 seni monien Pioing, mèèn ew fonu mi osukosuk. En mi sinei pun ena Certificate of Title mi FAKE! rechok fabricate-ini. Faniten pwan omw vote, iwe ka monuki pun a ngaw omw angang?

Usun kose chiwen pwan care ren met kopwe fori fan iten Chuuk State.

Aramasen Northern Namoneas, ekiekoch. Anongonong won met sia kuna me sinei ren ekkena ukukun money, Congress mi awora non annuk fan iten Chuuk State seni 2017, 2018 me 2019. Sise kuna met mi fis, efen ekis nge ngaw fonuwach ikenai.

Iwe met chok mwo epwe fori? Ina a sa ngeni Congress? Esap fen pwan abuse-ini monien Northern Namoneas?

C'mon Governor!

Kepwan Efich
Kepwan Oput.


  • Nekkunion annim fite ach omusomus Pwipwi Kepwan Efick. Ennetin repwe osupwang aramasen Chuuk ika sii chok sinei ekkei Public Laws nge sise pwan atapwa ngeni ekkena tepetepen Public Laws mei amend, further amend, futher further amend and further, further, further, further further amend tori am epwe mwuuch om ngasangas ren fakkun nengenengen ei further, further, further, pwan further amend. Ewin, mei fakkun mwirino kopwe etiwa me weweiti pwuun money meinisin e kawor meren FSM Congress iwe fakkun pwan menenien chok pwan nouch kei members of Congress. Ewer mei wor ekkena allottees nge pwan fakkun ir chok re pwan dictate ini met epwe fisingeni ekkena moni tori nounoun every single penny of it. Pwuungun ekkena ururun Prioirity Infrastructure Project fundings e kawor moni fanitan, iwe ina kopwe pwan tumunuochuu pwuun arapakan unusan iwe pwan fakkun nounoun iwe pwan public projects funding chok. Sosot sefan fino ngeni om kopwe kuna ochuu met e fisingeni ekkena Prioirity Infrastructure Project Funding. Kinisou chapur ngonuk Pwipwi.
  • Nefaf anim pwan ngonuk pwipwi Gillian. Mi eoch kopwe sinei, ekkena Public Laws mi afat, ese pwan amended pun mi kawor, iwe chonei ngeni Chuuk State Governor. Iwe en mi sinei nge ita nge kose sinei. Pwat, kose pusin kutta porousen nge ina ke pusin momoteuu me non ena office Palikir.

    Nge ika mwo epwe siwin nounoun met money mi kawor non annuk nge ewe ukukun ese kisino pun ukukun ewe chok.

    Mi fat pun Governor pwium pun ami murimurin relosap. Iwe ita ururun kosap fiti met en mi kuna pun ese pung nge pokiten pwium Governor iwe ka pwan etano.
    Sise kan angei kinen netipach iwe pwan ngeni ekkoch.
    En mi sinei, en mi pwan kuna usun nonomun Chuuk ikenai. Iwe kosap fanengeni. Anisi ngeni pwium na pun epwe eochuno nge esap fen ekis nge ngaweno.
    Mwa met pwipwi Gillian, pwan anisi ngeni Governor won met mi ngaw.
    Anomota ena tufich reom non met mi pung nge kosap pwan fiti pàipàin chon angawa nonomuch ikenai.

    Ufen ita aneanei pun kopwe sa sefan ngeni Governor pun wesetan ita a iei omw fansoun nge iei uwa kuna mweniom, Iwe amusano ii, kopwe pwan chok usun atei Governor ikenai.
    Ina weiresin murimurin chon ena fonu pun wachep ena manaw mi ngaw rer.
    Kose mochen kopwe anisi pwium na ne tongei Chuuk non omw chungu non wenechar, nge kosap pwan fiti pwium na nikiti tongen onowe Chuuk State a going down, down, down non ei fansoun. Ekieki!

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput.
  • Pwipwi Kepwan Efich, iei echo om sample. Ei article uwe makei non 2019.


    From Fiscal Years 2016 through FY 2019, the FSM Congress appropriated a disturbingly over $540 million for the operation of the FSM National Government, Priority Projects for the States and Pork Barrel spending on Social and Economic Public Projects. Of the over $540 million, $435 million or 82 per cent was ear-marked for general operations, $71.5 million or 13 per cent in Public Projects and $34.2 million or 5 per cent for State Priority Projects.

    FSM Congress appropriation of a whopping $71,534,800 in pork barrel Public Project Spending averaged $17,884,000 per year and an alarming $1,277,000 per Congressman per year. The said over $71.5 million does not include an additional $34 million in “States Priority Infrastructure Projects” which are in a way still treated like “public projects” in that the funds do not go to the states governments but remain with members of congress to allocate and distribute as they see fit and on behalf of the state governments. If we are to combine those two, members of the FSM Congress command a whopping $105.7 million in project related funds which translate to an average of $24.4 million per year and $1.9 million each member of Congress. Members of the FSM Congress for ages have continued to think that it is their responsibility to distribute these funds as they wish. Every single one of them will swear by the bible that they do not, but it is a known fact. The states have very little or no involvement whatsoever in determining how these funds are distributed and how it should be implemented. Everything is now a responsibility of the FSM National Government and I am truly sad that this is the reality. Why is there no economic development derived from all these funds? I think we could easily conclude from here forward. This would make a very interesting Con Con issue.

    A review of the Public Laws of the 19th and 20th Congress has revealed some very disconcerting trend which I believe is news worthy to report to the PEOPLE of the FSM. There were 364 Public Laws that was signed during the 19th and 20th Congress; 174 and 190 respectively. Out of the 364 Public Laws, 267 were for Public Projects and subsequent amendments that further, further, further, and further……… amend Public laws, 38 Public Laws for Operations Budget and Supplement Budgets and only 59 Public Laws that have very meaningful effects. This reads as the FSM Congress spent 84 per cent of their time amending and further, further, further……….. amending appropriation laws and a meager 16 per cent on meaningful laws. The general operations budget of the FSM National Government have been amended with supplemental budget 18 time during the 19th Congress and 20 times during the 20th Congress. Why exactly is this disturbing and upsetting? Because this simply depicts general and complete lack of proper PLANNING when your government is allocating funds. A gross general lack of planning that is indeed affecting everything that we are as a people. Could this be the real reason why we have not developed economically? Is the random manner in planning how we spend our government funds the major set back to our deficiencies in development? It is your government, you decide.

    This is again another Transparency and Accountability attempt to inform the FSM People.

  • Kinisou chapur pwipwi Gillian ren makeiom ei report.

    A pusin nom non fosun fonuwach ewe me Governor. Pwat, iei me chachan ekkei pelel public laws. Nge met mwo omw weweiti nge ina wiser, chon fori alluk.

    Iwe pwat mwo ke pwan eani weiresin ekkena public projects nge ach weweiti pwe e anisi ach local economy.

    Nge ewe kapas eis? Io e allottee won ekkena public projects an Northern Namoneas? Esap pwich ewe atin Losap Governor Chuuk State ikenai?

    Nge ika ke tumunu ach na topic, iwe, about Infrastructures me other programs. Esap first time non history an Congress allocated funds to all 4 states? Uu àà?

    Iwe ekkena chachan bills ke arep, ia ke angei me ie? Nge according to record, seni 2013 ngeni ikenai fakkun 20 chok public projects mi kawor.

    U nuku nge kachok nofiti fengeni original appropriations ngeni ekkewe amendments ina popun akon nengerapw.

    Iwe ren omw info, met bills mi kawor ika tonong seni tupun Northern Namoneas ei Congress ese pwan sisiwini nounoun.

    Achok fen siwin fetanin meren ewe allottee me non Chuuk State, iowe allottee? Mr. Governor Elimo. Pwich ewe reLosap.

    Kinisou sefan ngonuk pwipwi.

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput.

  • Kinisou chapur Pwipwi Kepwan Efich, ai chok nukku iwe ke chok ii mochen angaw nge esapw seni om mochen osukuna nouch aramas mei kan ennetin mwenenen wewe. Ren chok om kopwe fat, iwe esapw unusen ekkena moni non ekkena Public Laws ke make reference ngeni iwe allottee Chuuk State Governor. Fakkun ekkena chok faniten Northern Namoneas iwe ikkena ekkena Governor e allottee won. Mei pwan namot kopwe pwan ekkis weweiti mwokkutukutun monien FSM congress pwuun ina mwo ika Governor ii allottee won ekkena projects, nge ach na Northern Namoneas Development Authority chon anganga me pwisin atota nounoun iwe Governor, as the allottee, a chok sign as the authorized signatory. Moni ese nomw ren ach Chuuk State Government nge mei chok nomwono FSM Finance. Wewen disbursements iwe fakkun pwan seni chok ach ei FSM National Government. Nouch ei allottee esapw tongeni an epwe amwani nounoun senis eu ika esapw verified pwan authorized seni ach we FSM National Government Department of Finance. Kinisou Pwipwi. Ai chok eu kapas eis, pwat ke ekkieki an Northern Namoneas kena projects nge ina en mei ngingin Faichuuk? Omusano uchok fen pwan ii eis pwuun meinisin noun Faichuuk, Southern Namoneas, Mortlocks me Northwest, iwe ese pwan no ngeni noun na Governor an epwe allottee won. Kinisou chapur Pwipwi.
  • Kinisou chapur pwipwi Gillian,

    Mi enlet pun sia chok fosun tupun Northern Namoneas non Congress, pokiten mi fat pun ii pwich na Governor epwan nien mesani ne tairi monien ei kinikin nge napenon iwe ii e allottee won monien ach ei ew kinikin Northern Namoneas.

    Iwe pwat, ke fosun sii angaw? Nge kopwe pusin eisini pwich na Governor ika pwat e mwaken me angaw fan iten ei Congress tupun Northern Namoneas? Governor e mwaken ngeni ekkewe aramasen Iras me ekkewe mi wor inetir non ewe 1 million, Congress e awora pun mèmèn fonuer kewe Kasoro pun ewe Congress tupun Northern Namoneas e pinei me angawa inetin neur ewe money, en mi sinei ika ion e ineti ena money? Mi fat pun Governor e ineti me pwan eani campaign.

    Iwe pwat, epwan mwaken me angawa ewe Congress me ewe Mayor Weno ngeni ekkewe chon Nepukos re nom Guam, Hawaii me Merika, pun ena Congress me Mayor re nouni monien ewe secondary road Nepukos ngeni Mizpah?
    Esap e mwaken me angaw pun e eani campaign ren an ei sa ngeni Congress.

    Ikkei ekkoch auchean popun sii fosun chok ei kinikin Northern Namoneas.

    nge ke nuku nge esap fen pwano met foforun Governor ika sii chonen unusen Chuuk?

    Iwe kosap eis ika pwat u ngingin Faichuk nge pwat chok oupwan ngingin Losap me pwich na Governor?

    Kosap peeni pwich na Governor won met kena e fofori mi ngaw pun kopwe fen tongei me anisi ngeni epwe ukutiw pun ese fich ngeni wisan kena me ruu, non Government me non Mwichefel.

    Kinisou ngonuk pwipwi, ach kapong!

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
  • There is a saying, "pichani me kiacheni"
  • Iwe iwe ren chok an Pwipwi Kepwan Efich information, iei a pwan kawor ukkukun $14 million monien State Priority Infrastructure Projects seni nouch kewe Amafen Members of the FSM Congress. The Chuuk State members of Congress are given $1 million each for the supposed Chuuk State's Priority Infrastructure Projects. Uwa ennetin anean pwe Pwipwi Kepwan Efich, Kepwan Oput epwene fiti ei ne operochuu nounoun ekkei "STATE INFRASTRUCTURE PRIORITY PROJECTS". Ren chok om kopwe sinei, iwe noun Northern Namoneas na $1 million iwe Mayor Weno ii allottee. Fifitikich ne orochuu ian corruption me fraud a nonomw ian ne.
  • Kepwan Efich,

    Emwen ne CHONOMWAS

    Gillian a afatta pun Northern Namoness Congessman Victor Gouland designated his own family or cousin & uneducated puppet Mayor of Weno, Faustino, as the Allottee fir the Northern Namoneas Infrastructure projects....

    Why ?
    Think about it & ask yourself why ?

    Noname, you're absolutely correct on the saying, " Pichani me Kiacheni "

    The people of Northern Namoneas must be aware of & should know that a perfect example of Victor Gouland's corrupt & political manipulation is the previous congressional appropriation of funding for Northern Namoneas to purchase dump trucks.

    Interestingly, the Allottee - NNDA, Northern Namoneas Development Authority.

    Where are the dump trucks today?

    On Victor's family's soon or land in Sefin
    where they're also using a Government-owned excavator to dredge coral sand & continue to utilize NNDA's dump trucks as their own private vehicles to deliver coral sand and make profits...

    As specified by law. all government properties including government vehicles should have or display government seals.

    In the past, some government officials went down to Sefin to Victor's family's property to put Government seals on the dump trucks; however, Victor's people, family prevented & denied them from putting the Government seals on the NNDA dump trucks.

    Why? Ask yourself again, why ?

    As Victor or the Weno Mayor will tell you, it's a 50/50 deal....

    Regardless of whatever the deal is, it's still a damn corrupt example of the pitcher, catcher scenario or saying as Noname pointed out..

    And now Victor is supporting Danny Rescue's son to run for the Governor of Chuuk.

    Why ? Good question, uh ?

    Imagine if Congressman Victor Gouland can control or manipulate both the Governor of Chuuk & the Weno Mayor, Chuuk will be in a deeper shit than it is now.

    Gillian, please continue to enlighten Kepwan Epwich

    The people of Northern Namoneas

    Vote Smart

  • Upwe noom kinisou ngeni pwipwi Gillian Doone, ren met enan mochenin am oupwe chuupene fan iten wisen neuch kei congress fan iten Infrastructures projects.

    Kopwe fen achok ne operi pun en kese kuna puu ina kechok nonom anaie. Ngang men kuna me eia.

    Pwipwi Anticolonialist,

    Ach kapong ngenuk pwipwi.

    kinisou ngenuk omw fakkun apasa puu ngang men tunonakik. Mi enlet pun ngang mi tunonakik nge use chek pweta remw.

    Upwe tungor kosap pwan eti pwipwi Gillian non nonowon netipan ngeni neun Northern Namoneas en Congress non an angang. Upwe pwan tungor kosap pwan chonen Merika puu kose chono ngeni chon Merika, nge pwat apwan mwo iei mwasan omw choon?

    Upwe chek esine ngenuk pwat Mayor Weno e allottee won wisen Northern Namoneas money, Puu fen ii Mayor epwe allottee won wisen Northern Namoneas money.

    Iwe pwat ka pwan ura puu Mayor emon puppet ika mi uneducated. Pwat ouse pusin eisini kemi pwat, ou fini oupwe neuneu Mayor Puppet ika mi Uneducated. Esap finien neur ewe Congress, esap pwan pusin mefien Mayor Faustino puu epwe Mayor, nge pokiten mi wor me watte an aramasen Northern Namoneas lukuluk non ii , ina pwat re neuni Mayor. Ousap pwan songen nus ngeni Mayor non wisan.

    Iwe ren ekkena minafen candidate ren Governor, a pusin amemefin emon won neun, ika mwo Congressman Gouland epwe anisi, pwan met ach puung? Pwat uchok oupwan support-ini Alex me chon Gillian me Governor Elimo?
    Kosap pwan fiti onokana ne chonope puu kote pwan emon firio.


    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput.
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