Micronesian Conspiracy theorists

Definition:[Someone who believes in a conspiracy theory (= the idea that an event or situation is the result of a secret plan made by powerful people):]


Throughout many years this forum had many individuals whom were hardened "CT".Sprinkling ridiculous amount of non Micronesian related topics.Amongst them was the legendary Kersamin.Her claims went beyond reality putting lies of how Micronesians are decendents of the isrealites.How our cultures and history trace back to the Middle East.Another is that we're direct descendants of Lumerian people.A scientifically REFUTED kingdom that supposedly exsisted mellenia ago in the Pacific but never did.Looking back across the posted discussions they still linger.Of course the genuine Micronesians that fought back against them weren't easily fooled.

I say let's put an end to it...MaKe Mf GrEaT AgAiN!.

(This discussion is only for the purpose of exposing their nonsense starting from here on out.No hostility/profanity will be given.Just fair debate of


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