Bikini Atoll Beer

A Texas based brewing company call "Manhattenproject" has caused an uproar from the people of Marshall after naming one of their lineup cans from a nuclear site known as Bikini/Pikini atoll.Infamous for castle bravo detonated by the US military under their government's orders to compete against Russia's nuclear might.Afterwards at a cost leaving the island poisoned.Displacing natives.Uprooting many mellenia of culture.Causing birth defects amongst women.So Fourth.A dark legacy of the Cold War.Equally on par with Chernobyl.

The entire Rimeto kingdom descend upon this company with fury.It has only begun making headlines across the country and worldwide.This is just the beginning as more Marshallese join in to voice their concerns and opinions.

Our island isn't a swimwear,shouldn't be the origin of a cartoon show,or home to a mutated dino lizard.This will not end until this ignorance is changed.


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