Why Trump will win in the end in the courts to build the wall

On February 25, 2011, President Obama Issued a Executive Order declaring a National Emergency to get the U.S involved in the Civil war in Libya. Congress opposed this. Congress is the body that has the authority to declare war and fund those U.S forces involved in those wars.

When Congress refuse Obama declared a National Emergency and circumvent the constitution and went ahead and got the US involved in the war in Libya. Obama took away funds from other areas of the government and directed them to fund the US forces and rebels in Libya.

How did Democrats react when Obama overstepped congress and the constitution and got the US involved in the Libyan war? They applauded Obama and praised him when he did this. Obama infact chastised congress for not giving him the authority to go to war and money to fund US forces he was sending to Libya. When Obama said he would declare a National Emergency to get US involved in the Libyan war the Democrats also praised his decision.

Now 8 years later Democrats oppose Trump when Trump uses the same strategy Obama used but this time Trump is not getting the US into a war like Obama but rather he is using this same tactic to build a wall on the southern border to protect America and its citizens.

The hypocrisy of the left shows yet again and again. They praised this tactic when Obama used it. They praised it when Obama used it to bomb the people of libya but now they opposed it. Trump has precedent. And his DOJ will used these precedents ironically from Obama a Democrat to justify the National Emergency to build and fund the wall. He will win in the end.

The lower courts like the 9th circuit will agree with the Democrats, this case will litigate for 2 years and go all the way up to the Supreme court which now have a conservative majority who will then agree with the President side of this case.

Democrats will in end give Trump another Victor just before the 2020 election. The funny part is that Trumps administration will use examples from the Obama administration for justification for declaring a national emergency to build the wall. And These Obama era precedents will win him the wall.


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