From the Liberal New York Times:
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the President intends to sign the funding bill and at the same time issue an emergency declaration – a move that bypasses Congressional approval – in order to fully fund the southern border wall, the New York Times reported.
The President will sign the bill which Democrats give $1.4 billion for the wall and declaring a national emergency to FULLY FUND The Wall at the same time.

From the liberal New York times:
“The President is once again delivering on his promise to build the wall, protect the border, and secure our great country,” Ms. Sanders said, as she announced Mr. Trump would sign it.

The Wall will be build from Sea to Shining sea. From the Pacific coast to the gulf of Mexico. $8 billion along with the National emergency which mean a fully funded wall. From California to Texas.

2 Birds killed with 1 stone. This President is keeping his promise to the American people. The first one to do so in 40 years.


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Hope gals got those plane tickets if not start saving because you gals will now have to the wall and piss at it like y'all promised to do if the wall gets build.


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    What did i tell you? Just as i said a few hours ago he will sign the democrat bill and then declare a national emergency to fund the entire thing. Its a win win. Now the other side will try to stop it in the courts but it will only amount to a delay because the national security act of 1976 gives this authority to the executive branch who is Trump. It will be build. Now Pelosi is saying that if Democrats ever get the Whitehouse they will declare national emergency to get rid of the 2nd ammendment.

    The difference is what she suggested is unconstitutional while Trumps NEA on the wall is legal and not unconstitutional. She lost. He out fox her and democrats again. in total democrats now have gave close to 5 Billion dollars for the wall and with this national emergency he will get 7 billion dollars but according to the Senate majority leader by declaring a national emergency Trump will fully fund the wall. 1,000 miles of it.
  • This move will get about$ 21 billion for the wall.About $10 billion would be available to the president from this year's budget, along with another $11 billion in funding from previous budgets that has not been obligated, according to congressional aides.

    That's $4 Billion shy of the price for a coast to coast wall.

    Yes, anunaki you are right. This move will get road blocks in the courts and will delayed but in the long run the law is on the side of the President and if he appeals it will be approved if he takes it to the supreme court it will be approved. The Democrats will try to impede it but in the end Trump will win in the courts just like the Travel ban you mentioned.

  • FAKE NEWS. Trump promised the voters that Mexico will pay for his wall, not American taxpayers

    And we all know that Trump never lies, of course. lol
  • Its a distraction before the storm, he know it coming down after Judge found his campaign manager guilty of lying to Muller's investigation.. Paul Manafort is a Russian Agent tied to Trump Presidency..
  • @FactsMatters @visafree either money from Mexican tarrifs or 14 billion from el chapo or money from national emergency all goes to one thing.....A wall being build. Say buh bye to them source of drugs, illegals, human trafficking and most importantly Future democrats. Its being build. Another promise is being delivered.


    Can't stop the MAGA train. Either get on board or get run over.
  • Whats so relevant about this news to Micronesians?
  • Lagoon11, it be funny to see this Micronesian Trump cheerers wanna be Re-wonn be like all up with their flags on this Wall, then comes time for the president to block us or kick us out then we be laughing crying with them too lol
  • It's okay guys. Just obey the laws and you will be prosperous. Remember that republicans freed democrats' slaves, who thought much like you two.
  • The COFA is law. We COFA folks can come and go as we please so long as we obey the law and don't break it we are ok.
  • Yes, just after declaring a "national emergency" today, Trump flew to Florida for another weekend of golf.

    National emergency? HAHAHAHA Only deranged Trump supporters still believe this Liar-in-Chief.
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    I believed Trump like i believed obama when he said in 2014 and o quote the great failed socialist leader Obama " We have a Humanitarian crisis at the border " end Obama quote.
    CNBC News: Obama on immigration: We now have a humanitarian " crisis " on our Southern Border>
    Published 3:10 PM ET Mon, 30 June 2014 Updated 4:00 PM ET Mon, 30 June 2014
    The Associated Press

    In the face of an unyielding Congress, President Barack Obama said Monday he will no longer wait for Republicans to act on immigration and will move on his own to make policy changes in what has been a top second-term priority of his presidency.

    Obama said he will refocus immigration enforcement onto a Mexican border that has seen a tide of children crossing illegally from Central America. That means putting resources into deporting people who are the most recent border-crossers or individuals who pose a threat to public safety and national security.

    "I take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue, and Congress chooses to do nothing," Obama said. "And in this situation, the failure of House Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, it's bad for our economy and it's bad for our future."

    Trump is doing what obama couldn't. Enforcing our laws and focus enforcement on the southern border which is and for our future and national security has obama said. And Trump is right like Obama was right There is a national cirist at the border which is doing damage to America's national security has Obama said which trump repeated today.
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    The great crusade to stem the flow of drugs human traffickers and criminals and save American lifes as begun. Today Trump declared national emergency to build a wall on the southern border. Liberals heads are spinning at this exact moment.

  • Trump looked weak when gave out the speech, seems to not knowing what to say next while looking like an idiot, it was a disaster unfolding in front of the cameras for the world to witness. what a disgrace to the American people..
  • That's your personal opinion...oh wait its CNN. lol

  • New Attorney General confirmed. This one will not recuse himself from the investigation and won't stray will follow the mandate and will not make mueller report public and back up Trump on border wall

    The justice department is fully on board and will defend national security emergency on the wall.

  • Trump is The man. he outplayed democrats again on the wall. If the military times report is true then 24 billion on the wall will be acquired for the wall.
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