Northern Namoneas Leadership ordering its voters to re-elec the 5 incumbents is unconstitutional?

The Northen Namoneas elected officials (Governor Elimo, Congressman Gouland, Senators MArk MAilo, Sekap Esah,. Reps. Bernie Killion, Keswik Matus, Wisney Nakayama, Petewon William, Sephet William, Weno MAyor Stephen, Pispaneu MAyor Nerro, Fonoton Acting Mayor Killion , Chairman of Weno Village Chiefs Joseph Sapong ) met last week and order all eligible voters to re-elect the 5 incumbents for the House of Representative this March 5.

Is it constitutional or not? Just wondering

What happen to the free will as mandated in our constitution.

No wonder secession still on the table per the Legislature overidden bill. Majority of these leaders from Northern Namoneas endorsed the seccession of Chuuk from the FSM.


  • If true, then why listen to stupidity? These people have no right to tell any voter, even their own adult children, to elect the five incumbents if people wish to pick the challengers.

    On a different note, I am wishing that my brothers Wisney Nakayama and Sephet William to win again. The other three could be anyone except Keswik has lots of posters.
  • Let's go Wisney Nakayama and Sephet William.
  • Gouland, Romolow or Harper may be the infamous bribed "Micronesian Official 2" in the Lyon bribery case. If you elect a criminal, he may not travel to Hawaii else be arrested like FSMDTC&I Master Halbert. He may not last long in congress before the FBI takes him and locks him away. Please don't vote for the bribed criminal. Do your research and choose wisely.
  • These fools will never see the tip of my pencil. In public, I said, yes master but in private I give them my middle fingers.
  • Pwipwi z

    Kose mochen kosap kan aitengawa ekkei atefon Senator seni ach kei 3 kinikin..Northern Namoneas, Northwest me Mortlocks. Ren chok omw kopwe sinei , ir me unumon ateikei ir ammen watte rer ar repwe aucheani wiser kei meren aramasen ar kewe kinikin. Ir mei pwan poon ngeni Kot pun repwe tuupuni nour kewe aramas non wenechar, non menin me non nuokus Kot, repwe pwan afona me sufoniti ewe chuunapen annuk noun ach muunap. Iei mine met ena ka eani kapasen arere ngenir fan iten ita repwe pwan usun atongeach kewe seni Pohnpei, ewer mi eoch kopwe sinei pun ekkei auchea rese tongeni repwe usun atongeach kana, pun atekei ir mi weweiti met epwe angawa nonomur me nonomun nour aramas me fonu.. Iei popun upwe tungor, please, please stop accusing them for doing such crime..

    Sorry, for writing in our own language, because I want the people from our respective regions to read and understand what I was saying and writing about.
    Thank you. Kinisou, Kinihou , Kilisou.

    Kepwan efich
    Kepwan oput.
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