Democrats: Networks Shouldn't Cover Trumps Speech B-Cuz They Didn't Cover Obama's Speech Years Ago

Trump is taking his case to the American people to decides if its o.k to use the money from Mexico tarrifs pay for border wall. He said he would make Mexico pay and Democrats laughed. Now he want to use those money he got the U.S from Mexico through his tarrifs the Democrats refuses to agree to letting those Mexican money from tarrifs to build the wall.

Here are the facts...
1.Democrats have shutdown the government
2.Democrats reduse to allow money from tarrifs to pay and fund for the wall.
3.Democrats agreed to open the government if the house passed the motion.
4.The house passed the motion to open government.
5.The house allowed money from tarrifs to fund the wall.
6.Democrats refuse to open government or pass bill to keep it open and Democrats refused to use Mexican tarrifs to fund wall.

This has been a Make America Great Again News posted on this forum to inform our Micronesian brothers and sisters minus all the Democrats propaganda and lies.

Make America Great and Keep Micronesia Safe.


  • Its amazing the media mainly the left leaning part of it air trump news 24 hours and 7 days a week and now they are concerned about allowing the President airtime to speak to the American people. Now you know why they called it biased liberal media.

    And who gives a fuck of Obama wasn't covered. The airwaves belong the government and in time of national emergency the President and Obama could use their authority to get their speech covered.

    poor Obama he Didn't get his speech covered because he was trying to get the oil spill story out of the news. poor poor Obama poor legacy too.
  • Repo and rats ass man. What up niggas? You forgot to cite your sources: Bone Spurs News Network. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha
    Don’t forget, First Mexico will pay, then taxpayers will pay and now military will pay! Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah
    You niggas been had up the ass 3 times by orange face ass clown mc fuck face. 12345 deferments!
  • Got my popcorn ready for verbal diarrhea and absolute kindergarten level language tonight. Not to mention going off into some retarded rant. Hahahaha
  • your facts are fakes, shut down belongs to Trump himself, he mentioned it on national tv that he will be responsible of the shut down, Like trump , reaper is spread heading the big lie here, blaming the democrats for the shut down? The fact is democrats and the republicans pass a republicans own bill to open up the government yet the president trump refused to signed the bills because there no funding for his stupid wall?? Reaper you need to get out of that Trump bubble and smell reality man. your a big fake news in here..
  • @ Rastaman, it's always a good thing to hear both side of a story. What the democrats are saying is exactly that, no biase and no fake news for the public. The democrats are being proactive of what the pathological liar have to say to the nation, they are defending the true facts about the shut down and it's a good thing.
  • @redsnapper, Democrats refuse to release Mexico tarrifs money to fund and pay for The wall. I thought they wanted Mexico to pay for it now they don't. misspoke like Obama lol

    @visafree, Democrats said the shutdown would be on Trump if the Republican house didn't pass the spending bill along with Mexican tarrif money to pay for wall. Republicans in the house passed it and Democrats in the Senate refuse to vote because they don't want to approve Mexico Tarrif money to pay for wall.

    2017 and 2018/19 Shutdown all originate from the party of illegals.
  • fake news Reaper, both house and senate passed a republicans own bill to open the government, but Trump refused to signed because there is no funding for a wall. and it's the real fact fake news.
  • Democrats didn't vote for the bill in the Senate and refused to vote on it because it allowed mexico tarrif moneys to fund the wall. Democrats refused to allow $5 billion in mexican tarrif money to build the wall they only want $1 billion. Democrats refuse to allow Mexico money to fund the wall. FACTS...@visafree
  • TSA not being paid and workers calling in sick or no gas to get to work making airport less safe . MAGA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA
  • Why are you laughing at the people not getting paid because of democrats shutdown? Misspoke much.
  • keep it going...misspoke
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    hey reaper, you needs to get your thinking out of trumps anus man, the fact is , the democrat party made a deal to open the government, p[assed by both legislative branches but was refused by Trump. because no fund for his wall..
  • Your orange monkey had 2 years control of Congress and nothing done. Now dems kicked your asses out of house and now it’s national emergency? How retarded are you repo? Mexico hasn’t written the wall check ? Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha
    Bone Spurs
  • visafree, wrong. Congress passed a bill to open government and fund wall and Democrats refuse to vote on in. That's why there is a Shut down. Democrats refuse to vote. Stop making fake news visa.

    @redsnapper, i think no one is answering you because its been established that you are a dummy.
  • reaper what is a misspoke? i don't get it.
  • Rasta, Obama misspoke in 2016, he said that economy and jobs would go bust if ever Trump got elected. Low and behold its 700% booming than it was under failed presidents 8 years.
  • Obama misspoke a lot. It's hard to keep track. Last I listened he was blaming the free press for the Benghazi attacks.
  • Bone Spurs News Network hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha hahahaha
  • @z, didn't he blame a YouTube video as the reason for the attack and said it wasn't terror related then acknowledged couple months later that it was a terrorists inspired attack. Yup he misspoke.
  • Yes. He was deflecting the blame while aligning the narrative to the recent censoring of social media. Later congressional investigations found the video protest story was false and they pinned it on "intelligence analysts." Remember, this is the president who had his administration spy on and intimidate journalists at Fox News and conservative groups.
  • Orange monkey went to his beloved wall had sex with it, cried and returned. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah
  • Orange beautiful wall. lol @redsnapper
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