When Father Hezel left the Micronesian Seminar and took on new duties with the Jesuit Order in 2012 or thereabouts, some people were not even aware of his lack of continued involvement with the Forum. A few people had his email address, but nobody likes to make such information public.

God bless Father Fran. He had the wisdom to create a way to follow his adventures, and to communicate with him. He created a blog entitled "Where's Fran," the URL for which is If you go to the blog, there is actually a "CONTACT US" link which would permit someone, as far as I can tell, to communicate directly with the good Father. If you have the desire to let Father Hezel know what is happening to the Forum he created for the benefit of Micronesia, not Trump, then this might be a way to do it. Being a man of peace and love, I feel pretty sure that Father Hezel would appreciate hearing from you, and getting caught up on how the Forum he created has be overrun by fascists.


  • If he gave this forum over to a US entity, would that make the padre a CIA agent? Just wondering. I hope it's OK with you, cry babies (Psst... Trump is still president. lol)
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    lol Take that love and peace nonsense and shuff it up the kazoo Sarem. lol

    freakin hypocrite.
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