RMI is now a Banana Republic

Past VNC and again now.....its leaderships not working together, split...bad reputation in the region....


  • Reaper, I thought you should be so indulge in this thread because you are a citizen, but I smell something fishy about you, you are more indulge in Trump world than RMI issues, why? Is it because you are a Mormon trump agent posing as a Marshallese? stop talking about RMI as if you are from RMI, your posts are evident to all.
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    RMI is in a iakiu game. instead of fishing game. bunch of morons.
  • The President of the RMI is a highly educated woman who leads her nation with dignity and class.

    The RMI is highly respected by other nations for leading the fight against the global warming destroying our planet.

    She is nothing like this guy:
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    lol. RMI is doing fine my fellow micros from FSM. Worry about Chuuk breaking off the federation, that road in weno still being under construction since 2013, passing of a law that ban and discriminate transgenders and is making FSM rediculed in social media and Facebook and political scence. RMIs government is doing fine.

    That Trump derangement syndrome is having a outbreak in Micsem. lol

    Long live Mormonism and Trump. lol
  • white supremacist trump calling other countries shithole countries....thahts whats facts....
  • Let see what CNN had to say.

    Let me repeat it again.....

    Nothing that emerged on Friday -- or in the sentencing memo of former national security adviser Michael Flynn that was released earlier this week -- is any sort of smoking gun that pins collusion or obstruction of justice on Trump.
  • No evidence not a single evidence of collusion has been found after 2 years of investigations. Whats more obstruction of justice was also not found.

    And Flynns lawyers are fighting back. Today they filed a motion against the FBI 302 form. Basically the FBI failed to inform him that he had the right to have a lawyer present at the questionings. And the agent in charge of Flynns interrogation was none other than Stzrok. The same FBI agent that was fired by Mueller being anti Trump while leading the Muellers investigations.

    Corsi is fighting back in court alleging that Mueller and his team are forcing him to confess to fabricated crimes.

    @errr, private money via Trumps construction company. Not Campaign money! lol

    2020 is around the block. And its going to be a repeat of 2016. Butthurt liberals everywhere.

  • @errr, if those counties are not shitholes why does its citizens flee to the U.S? Isn't it because those countries are shitholes and they want to leave them.
  • reaper, you will defend to that level, defending someone who says something like that? listen to yourself....
  • "
  • Shit hole jail cell waiting for drumpf
  • I agree with what he said. It has facts and truth behind it. People immigrate and try to get into America because their country of origin are shit holes. If it wasn't they wouldn't leave their not so shitty countries.
  • Truth and No political correctness talk.
  • Are the FSM and RMI shit-hole countries?

    The migration from a poor country to a wealthy country is the same trend from rural areas to urban areas. There are irresistible opportunities that arise from this migration phenomenon. Micronesians have settled rural towns where young Americans have moved on to cities. They would leave behind the old and frail with voids in services that rural areas need. Micronesians have filled some of these vacant services needed in the USA. And this happens in Micronesia too. Main islands' residents would move toward denser populations, in the U.S territories or Mainland. Then small-atoll migrants fill in the voids they would leave behind.

    I question whether this is the right trend for Micronesians. Urbanization creates corrupt citizens, e.g. sanctuary cities that vote for corrupt democrats. On the losing end of the migration, poor towns and villages in Micronesia suffer brain drain. This may be a globalization movement on an unprecedented scale. The democrats want open borders. Anyway, our country may (or may not) be a shit-hole; but it's definitely a fertilized one. It has been "fertilized" by U.S grants and harvested by this movement. It leaves behind a void, hence a hole. Whether or not there’s crap in the hole, I will leave it up to your opinion. I'm sure you'll find some. Crap is everywhere. Just look at the sidewalks of democrat-run San Francisco.
  • you are like flies all over the shit......
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    Some people hate the truth and prefer sugar coating and political correctness but not I. Also notice how the Trump derangement syndrome is showing. From Banana republic to Trump. Like a Bull that sees red and get mad libtarts see Trump and triggered. This is what heppens when you eat sleep and drink with Trump on your mind 24/7. Its called Trump derangement syndrome. Its a mental disease that libetarts suffer from.
  • trump tantrum at its highest right now....lol,
  • trump tantrum making trump restless....its the real disease
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    So beside Trump derangement syndrome you also have Trump tantrum syndrome? @errr, here is the cure for Trump derangement syndrome and trump tantrum syndrome, stop thinking about him and stop listening to the fake news media and acknowledge y'all lost in 2016.

    Reelection is around the konah.
  • January is just around the konah, hahahahhh
  • Reason behind the Shutdown is simple. #AnotherDemocratShutdown like they did in 2017. Always fighting for illegals and not Americans.

  • all of America are illegal aliens accept for the Indians......so you know
  • There lies the problem. American History or lack thereof.
  • all of americans are illegals? hahaha the stupidest liberal excuse. Indians is a white mans term. lol
  • Errr is basically saying, "We are illegal aliens, because other tribes lived on these lands before us. Borders, immigration and customs enforcement are improper."

    @Reaper, didn't the Marshallese settled Kosrae long ago, before other settlers? If so, then modern Kosraeans are illegal aliens, according to Errr's liberal logic. Homo sapiens would be illegals due to previous settlers, e.g. Neanderthals, and so on and so forth.

    Divide and conquer. This is where the Democrats want their media dumbed-downed minions to go. They would fight and bicker among themselves about their various identities. Meanwhile, the elitists leaders would rule unchecked. Hussein (The dead one from Iraq, not Kenya) ruled over his people this way. The Kurd, Shiite and Sunnis tribes would fight each other, while elitist Hussein enjoyed ruling like a king. Don't fall for the left's identity politics or political correctness. They will only cause mayhem for the little guys, like you and I.

    The United States was created by settlers -- not illegal aliens. Migrants must go through immigrations at various ports of entry. Migrants with dangerous communicable diseases are quarantined, treated, etc. Contrabands are confiscated. Criminals who pose a threat are confined and deported, for the safety of all. What's so unfair or immoral about this 200 year old system?

    On the contrary, liberal logic stems from post modern ideologies. Mentality of political correctness promotes identity politics and other forms of tribalism. Political correctness tried to ban the words "Columbus Day" and "Christmas." Fortunately, President Trump brought "Christmas" back with an executive order. Melania's Christmas decorations and Nativity scene also brought back traditions to the White House. Despite the imposition of “Happy Holidays” and the rainbowed White House by the “PC (political-correctness) Police,” we can now safely say "Merry Christmas!" in America, once again -- Thanks to this President.
  • @z, we have history of marshallese settlements here in kosrae but they weren't the first ones here. Our history in kosrae have stories of them coming here and establishing themselves and living amonst us kosraens.
  • lol from rmi to trump....Trump derangement syndrome is in full outbreak here in Micronesia and micsem.
  • Reaper, with all do respect, the transgender bill was introduced but was never passed. The bill banning discrimination based on sexual orientation was passed.

    And by the way, you and other conservatives in here were adamant in supporting Trump's animosity against transgenders in the U.S. military and calling them an abomination. So which one is it? Do you support or do you despise transgenders?

    No hatred here, just setting facts straight.

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