Liberal Media Complaint:(G20 summit): World leaders reluctantly bow to Trump/America

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The big winner of the G20 summit in Argentina a day ago was none other than Trump/America. This is what happens when America is lead by a leader with balls. A leader who walks as he talks. A leader who offers the carrot but is not afraid to use the stick.

There were 20 leaders and over 100 issues these 20 top countries in the world faced but only one country and one leader and dominated the G20 summit and that country was the United States Of America and that leader was Trump. Fitting the US motto E pluribus unum/ Out of many, one.

Full Headline from the Liberal leaning News Paper The Independent: G20 summit: World leaders reluctantly bow to Trump on trade amid showdown between US and China over tariffs
After hours of tense negotiation, world leaders of the G20 have signed off on a summit-ending agreement reaffirming a commitment to multilateral trade and a "rules-based international order" – but the real winner may yet be Donald Trump.

There is no doubt of the impact the US president has on the world stage, with the final communique from the two-day meeting in Buenos Aires having to tip-toe around American demands. The message involved a pledge to reform the World Trade Organisation (WTO), with Mr Trump having built his campaign for the presidency on the idea that America was being treated unfairly on trade issues.


  • Obama could have went down in history as one of the all time greats if he had a spine and the bolas. America is the dominant country in the world because of manifest destiny. Weak men do not deserve to be remembered. And thats what Obama was.

    Going into the meetings and days ahead of the meetings all the countries that their leaders opposed Trump all said they would not give into Trumps demand. All the media said China would not agree to Trumps demands. 2 days in Argentina showed us those foriegn leaders succumbed to the art of the deal. And showed us China agreeing to Trumps demands.

    The US will be the dominant economic powerhouse for the next 100 years and Trump is making sure that last beyond 100 years. China is readying for a war with the US and Trump is making sure China will suffer economically before a war.

    God bless the United States of America and may Trump make America greater.
  • I would not compare Obama with Trump because he could never be compared to Trump. I support Trump because he support the Christians. He is making America Great and so would all the countries and territories that depend on America for Security and Defense. God Bless the President of the USA, God Bless the USA and God Bless the Federated States of Micronesia.
  • Religion or Christianity is what repugnicans hide behind to justify your cold heartedness.
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