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1 hour ago, another one of Trump Judicial Nominee was confirmed by the Senate.

Thomas Farr was confirmed today by the U.S Senate. That makes it 83 judges that Trump has nominate that have been confirmed.

And again Democrats accused Trumps nominee of being a racist. lol....It never fails.

Its safe to say that the US courts are now shaped in the mold of the Grand Old Party of Good ole Abraham Lincoln.

Trump has nominated more judges than any other President in recent history.

Another Promise fulfilled. MAGA!


  • Sorry, Reaper, but once again you have either misunderstood the import of the vote on Farr, indicating you are stupid, or alternatively that you understood that the vote was procedural (cloture), and just decided to lie once again, for lack of anything better to do.

    The vote on Farr's confirmation was actually scheduled for today, but Senators Flake and Tim Scott both announced they would vote against Farr if his nomination was brought to the floor. Even Spawn of Satan Mitch McConnell can count, and with 49 Democrats and 2 Republicans against, he withdrew the confirmation vote and killed Farr's nomination.

    I would provide a link but I assume you will be able to find the truth if you look hard enough for it.
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    @SaremChuuk, he passed the confirmation And his full confirmation by the Senate is next week and it will pass even if not Trump as 122 nomination. Its a win win situation.

    Under 2 years Trump as shaped the Courts to the mold of the GOP/Conservative!

  • I'll give you a half right, half stupid because the vote on Farr's nomination has been delayed to next week, but not yet withdrawn.

    The only way Farr can be confirmed is if Jeff Flake changes his mind, which is not likely but possible. I would doubt that Senator Tim Scott, an African American, will decide to vote for a segregationist white supremacist vote suppressionist like Farr under any circumstances.

    Will you admit that the nomination failed if McConnell refuses to bring it up for a vote next week, or will you just make shit up again? DF.
  • @SaremChuuk, hmm name calling is the last resort of a triggered and losing side.

    The vote is taking place next week. And like i said Trump has 122+ names and nomination behind Farr. If he is taken out he has 122+names/nominee to fill that post. lol

    Lol....Take a chill bill my Jewish friend.
  • Understand this: I am not your Jewish friend. I am not and never have been Jewish. I’m am forbidden by the Rabbis from being Jewish. Oh, and even if I were Jewish, I am not and would not be your friend. If you were the last man on earth other than me and you died I would celebrate and spit on your grave. Chill yourself, brown Nazi.
  • @SaremChuuk, i thought you were a jew. You said months ago that you were. Did you convert to the religion of liberalism?

    And calm down. Breath in Breath out. Repeat 4× and chill. What ever happened to tolerance and accepting? Love and unity and that garbage you liberals preached about? was it all a lie?

    You are my friend my special Jewish friend. And I'm your Brown Nazi friend. I know you've been having a bad time since 2016 but you have to get over it.

    Happy Hanukkah my Jewish friend.
  • Prove that I ever said I was Jewish. Prove your own ignorance, yet again. Ge kaka naffam yam. Eat shit and die.
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    @SaremChuuk, i specifically remember you telling some of the folks in here you are a jew and that is why you oppose Trump.

    I don't care if you are a jew. I support Israel. My leaders in RMI have always supported the state of Israel in the U.N and always vote alongside it. Because we believed Israel and the Jewish people have a right to defend themselfs and a right to their historical homeland.

    Yesterday you were Jewish now you aren't. I don't care. I am always here for you. Elap ao iakwe yuk (I have love for you) even if we have our political disagreements.

    ××× Your Brown Nazi friend
    P.S where is the tolerance
  • I have never been Jewish. I have never said I am Jewish. And I strongly oppose the Israeli Nazis who control that troubled country. The government of the RMI, just like the FSM, support Israel because of the US position. It has nothing to do with Jewish rights to their historic homeland. Did you forget that God drive the Jewish people out of Canaan, twice? Ignorant fool.
  • @SaremChuuk, you said here many times that you opposed Trump because he was a Nazi and he hated Jews. But Trump is the biggest supporter of Israel. We in RMI support Israel because we believe their cause is just. So israel and jews are Nazis? wow. I feel sorry for your jewish grandpa you talked about in here.

    This is what liberalism does. Make a jew hate his own people. Boy did they brainwash you good.
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    @reaper, i think Sarem has Uncle Tom complex. He hate his own jewish heritage and culture. This is what leftism or liberalism does.
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    Soros was a Jew, yet a Nazi. Comparatively, Micronesia is sovereign yet leftists want it annexed into a common wealth, and Jeff Flake is a Republican yet apparently a snowflake. Leftism is traitorous.
  • @z couldn't agree with you more. I hear Hitler had Jewish blood. And like @SaremChuuk hitler hated his one people to a point where he killed over 6 millions Jews. And you are right. Liberalism is a mental disease.
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