Obama Make False Claim That He is Responsible For The U.S Being The World Top Oil Producer


The Tree Hugger in Chief and failed President aka Barrak Hussein Obama made the claim yesterday that he is responsible for the reason why America is now the world top oil producer. That's like Trump claiming he is responsible for coming up with the idea of the Paris Agreement. lol

The Credit belongs to Bush Jr and Trump yet the Tree hugger in chief and failed President Obama claimed credit for things Bush and Trump did. Only thing Obama can claim credit for is the racial divide in America, weakening of the US military, allowing ISIS to take control of Syria and Iraq, allowing Russia to take over half of Ukraine, giving US uranium to Russia, expanding the wars in the middle east and a 9 trillion debt under 8 years of failed leadership.

According to Robert Rapier noted in Forbes in January 2016, Obama happened to be in office during a fortuitous time for the oil industry:
President Obama coincidentally happened to enter office just as the shale oil boom in the U.S. was getting started. In fact, the vast majority of the increase in U.S. oil production occurred on private land. On land that the U.S. government controls, it was a different story. The EIA reported in 2015 that while U.S. oil and gas production overall were surging, production of natural gas on federal lands was declining. Oil production is at about the same level as it was during his first year in office:
Another fact to consider: As the price of gas increased during Obama’s tenure, fracking became profitable. As CNS News reported in February 2013:
The average price of a gallon of gas has increased 96 percent since President Barack Obama first took office in 2009, according to figures from the Energy Information Agency (EIA).According to EIA data, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the United States was $1.838 on Jan. 19, 2009--the day before Obama took office. As of Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, the per-gallon price had risen to an average of $3.611--an increase of 96 percent.”
By 2016, gas prices had dropped, but as Grist noted, “Gas prices are currently low because of softening demand abroad and increasing supply — much of it American oil from the fracking boom. Obama has no control over the former and only limited control over the latter, since it’s mostly happening on private land.”

Another fact to consider: it was George W. Bush who stimulated production; early in his tenure the Bureau of Land Management, which controlled roughly 239 million acres of public lands, issued leasing and drilling permits at an unprecedented rate in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

During his tenure, Obama was stifling the Keystone pipeline and placing restrictions on fracking.


  • Obama placed too much federal restrictions on oil production and fragging and slowed down the production of oil then Trump came along and removed all his restriction through his deregulation of the federal government and Obama lied and claimed credit for what Bush Jr and Trump did.

  • I wish Obama would shut his trap and stay out of politics. He is the reason we had a disappointing midterms. If he'd have stayed home and get rich off the speeches he make we would have had a blue wave. Instead he had to be like Trump and prove he still had cloud with the voters. Tried to copy Trump and campaigned for democrats. How did that turn out? We lost florida to the repugnicans and Georgia. He should have kept his irrelevant ass home like he told. But he love the spot light and can't keep out of it.
  • This maybe hard but he has nothing to do with the oil boom the US is having now. I hate to admit it but its all Trumps doing. That is why Trump was so against the Paris accord.
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    Oil Pumping, yes for Trump, but Obama introduced clean gas energy as a solution to climate change.. one stone three birds style.
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    @visafree, America is the leading oil producer in the world right now. Obama didn't introduce clean energy, clean energy was discovered in 1839 through solor power and clean gas energy has been around since the beginning of the 19th century. That means both existed even before Obama's grandmother was born. lol

    Whats next? You going to claim Obama discovered the theory of relativity. lol
  • of course obama did enacted a clean energy policy that's why Us had good record back in 2017 in climate change, because of obama's clean energy policy leading the world on the fight for climate change?
  • the oil production is an old thing about to come to its end very soon because the world is shifting gears to meet the climate change accord.. backward thinkers are the looser cause even the biggest petroleum companies, are shifting to clean energy production

  • Obama discovered fellatio...
  • @visafree, the countries that signed the paris agreement are leading the world in contribution to climate change while the U.S under Trumps leadership pulled out of the climate agreement in Paris and cut its carbon emissions to climate change. lol

    not bad for a backward thinker ha. lol
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    Read the article and understand Reaper.. this article is talking about how a group of leader from various government and private entities through US stood up for US when Trump tried to pulled out of the accord? that"s why the US is still on track on the Paris agreement. FIY, cause you seem don"t understand the article?. Its praising the policies that Obama had for USA. and at the same time, be little what Trump did when he pulled out of the agreement and the de-regulation of the EPA

  • @visafree, Sorry but according to liberal studies all those countries that signed the Paris agreement all increased their carbon emissions. Carbon is what you liberals blame is the cause for global warming. America under Trump pulled out of the failed obama legacy climate agreement and made America great in lowering its carbon output thereby doing more to lower global warming than the countries that signed the paris agreement.

    Ironic isn't it. Lol

  • U.S lower its carbon output while countries who signed paris agreement increased theirs
    https://www.heartland.org/news-opinion/news/us-reduces-emissions-while-paris-parties-emissions-growb>US lowers carbon emissions while countries that signed it increased their carbon emissions
  • Read between the lines reaper, is all I"m saying, cause you seems to not really understand what the articles that you post, are talking about?> anyway, this proof that the accord is still uphold by the US governments despite trump pulling out last year..
  • @visafree, The accord is not being uphold by the U.S. The US pulled out of it. If Trump would have honored the Paris agreement the US would not be leading the world in oil production like it is now.

    Read between the L-I-N-E-S, The countries that are upholding the paris agreement increased their carbon output to climate change while the country that does not uphold it (USA) decreases its output in carbon cause to climate change. lol
  • Trump news is not micro related they say but here they are talking about it and taking part in the discussion of the same subject they say its not micro related.
  • Like I said , you need to really understand what this article is talking about Reaper, it says, " despite Trump pulling out of the Pairs Accord, many US states governments, mayors, including business communities had different thoughts then Trump about Climate change and that"s why they decided to keep the accord alive buy not following what Trump wanted, which is to completely eliminate the Accord, and That why USA is on Track of keeping the accord alive and keep fighting the climate change.. This I think you completely misunderstood what the article is saying..
  • @visafree, those states that you are talking about only uphold the paris agreement in name. Its like me saying i will give you verbal support visafree in your journey to get crowned the dunce of micsem, i will cheer you to the end but i won't contribute financially to your journey, you visafree must look for your own funding to achieve that title.

    The states who uphold the paris agreement are 20 in numbers and 50 cities in the U.S that Uphold the paris agreement in name or give moral support for the Paris agreement vs 30 states and 34,950 cities that followed the federal government position which is the paris agreement is void. According to you 20 states and 50 cities are the reason the US has lowered itd output vs 30 states and 34,950 cities that follows the Feds. Boy you are on your way to win that dunce of micsem title. lol

    Let me explain it to you in termd you will understand. Those stated and cities you say uphold the climate agreement are like RMI-Palau & FSM supporting the war on terror without contributions to of money, logistics and Troops to back up their support. Moral support is what those states you mentioned are doing in upholding the paris agreement.

    Those states can't not enforce the paris agreement because the paris agreement is a foriegn agreement and the only brance of the US government that can sign and agree or enforce a foriegn accord is the Office of the President of the U.S or the executive branch.

    The Treaty Clause is part of Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, of the United States Constitution, that empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements between the United States and other countries
  • Those States you talking about are clapping for the paris agreement and rooting for it. Cheerleading for it basically. lol
  • Again read further more into the article and you will find out that the Pull out and deregulation of Trump did not produce and fruit because the states and local level stood upm against.. God thing Trump dont care to learn and understand whats going on in its administration.. He dont know about anything at alkl
  • Sorru2 @visafree but the U.S does not comply nor does it enforces the Paris agreement. And the U.S. is the only non paris agreement country that lowered its carbon output. While your so called climate warrior countries have enlarged their output. lol
  • you dont understand and i think you are completed brain washed by your military comrades, for you think that USA is leading because president Trump deregulate the EPA, really dose not make any senses and you don"t make any sense at all!!..to lead, one must regulate the EPA in order to control the green house emission?>. but when you say USA is leading because Trump deregulate the EPA shows how lost you are in this topic..
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    roger that! The Reality show is about to come down to its very sad ending.. in HIstory! we laerned a lot from this chapter in history..
  • irrelevant for being a fraud and a liar he is ....
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    The Liberal micronesian delusion support group is out in force on this forum. errr, redsnapper, visafree and FactsMatters and lets nor forget out Jew friends @SaremChuuk.

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