Liberal Leaning "Washington Post" Angry At Black Men For Voting Republicans In Midterm


The Washington Post ran a STORY today and it was title "What’s up with all those black men who voted for the Republican in the Georgia governor’s race?"

The Washington Post was astonished that black men voted at a higher percentage for the Republican "White" governor candidate of Georgia over a female Democrat "Black" candidate.

The Washington Post:
According to CNN’s exit polling, 11 percent of black men voted for Kemp; the Associated Press’s Vote Cast reported 8 percent.

Those numbers are reminiscent of the double-digit level of support that Donald Trump got among black men in the 2016 presidential election. Trump endorsed Kemp, which helped him win a runoff primary contest in July, and he traveled to Georgia to stump for Kemp two days before the Nov. 6 election.
The Washington post input comments from White liberals decrying blacks for voting Republican like this one below.

The Washington Post:
How can so many black men still align with a party that, now more than ever, is unified by white identity politics?” Renée Graham asked in a Boston Globe column after the election. “This Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln. This is unabashedly the party of white supremacy, migrant family separations, racist fearmongering, and Brett Kavanaugh.”
According to democrats if you are black you must vote democrats. And if you do otherwise you are a uncle tom or a Nazi. Democrats forget that it was their party that created the KKK or created laws that segregated America or denied Blacks the right to vote. But since they gave blacks welfare and food stamps blacks must vote democrats and forget the past racist past of the democrat Party.

The Washington Post also called Black men who voted Republicans "sexists" who voted for a white male because he was a male.

The Washington Post:
Sexism was probably not a major factor in black men supporting Abrams at a lower rate, Johnson said. He cited a paper published earlier this year that looked at how gender stereotypes affected black and white voters’ behavior in the 2016 presidential election.

Johnson said the paper found that “sexism plays more of a role in white voting behavior than black voting behavior.” That research, along with other literature, shows a higher level of sexist attitudes among men across racial groups. Black female voters show the least susceptibility to sexists attitudes, voting for female candidates, particularly black female candidates, at a higher rate than any other group. Johnson said it is noteworthy that sexism appears to have the greatest effect on the electoral choices of white women, who are least likely
Liberals only see color and gender but they forget Black voted for a white Republican candidate because they are seeing the lowest black unemployment in U.S History and they support capitalism over socialism which democrats advocate for.

The Washington Post:
Black men who voted for Kemp were not so much rejecting Abrams as embracing the conservative messages of rugged individualism and free-market economics.

“I think it boils down to — the conservative mantra of self-determination and economic empowerment resonates with men, period, but especially with a certain cohort of black men,” Johnson said. “Like the brothers that are hustling CD to the brothers that open barbershops, that entrepreneurial spirit is alive in the black community.”
Black male voters see identify and agree with the Republicans ideals of self determination and self empowerment through capitalism and relying on yourself and working hard to succeed not the democrats ideals of relying on someone else or wanting a hand out.

Liberals can't seem to crasp the ideal that blacks don't vote democrats and if they do vote republicans these blacks are doing ur2 for sexist reasons.
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