Blue Wave? Republicans secure 33 States Governorship vs 16 Democrats Governorship

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Where is that BLUE wave @SaremChuuk, @FactsMatters @visafree??? Where is it?

Democrat Stacey Abrams has conceded defeat in Georgia and Andrew Gillum has also conceded defeat in florida to their republicans opponents. And Hard core democrat Senator Nelson has lost his Senate seat to Republican Rick Scott today. All 3 Obama campaigned for and all 3 lost.

As of today 33 head of States in 50 states are under GOP control.


Executive office is controlled by GOP, U.S Senate controlled now by a supermajority of 52 Republicans, and 33 States governorship now controlled by the GOP. The U.S Supreme Court has a conservative-Republican majority, and TRUMP is filling the lower courts and district courts with conservatives at a alarming rate.


With 33 governorship under GOP control good luck going through with impeachment and stopping Trump from fulfilling his national agenda.

Gotta love that blue wave. lol


  • Lying again, huh Reaper? According to the latest count, Republicans will be governors of 27 states, and Democrats will be governors of 23 states. My source is CNN today, what is your source liar?

    37 net pick ups in the House with one more almost decided, and two within 500 votes of each other. Two net lost seats in the Senate, but Nevada has flipped entirely BLUE and Arizona is not far behind. One congressional district in OKLAHOMA (!) went to the democrats. And while it is distressing to have the Senate divided 53 to 47, that does not provide Republicans with anything more than they already had, a majority but not a supermajority.

    At last count seven states now have democrats in charge of the executive and both branches of the legislature. And it is 45 days until the democratic chairmen and chairwomen of the Committees of the House bring down the gavel on control of the budget and oversight of government.

    And my guess is that Mueller has something planned for the next four days.
  • Sarem you are behind the news. Too much of that smoke in California is fogging up your mind son.

  • As of 2018 there are 33 Republicans, 16 Democrats, and 1 Independent holding the office of governor in the states. There are 2 Democrats, 1 Independent and 2 Republicans (one is also a member of the New Progressive Party)
  • Florida is all republican at the senatorial and governorship level. A state that Obama campaigned hard for.

    Georgia is the GOAP bag too.

    Blue wave?
  • election 2020 will be based on electoral and not governors winning should kno, that no matter how plenty governors from smaller states they count less than just one blue state.....
  • Reaper, if your mother knew how much of a liar you have become, she would wash your mouth out with soap. If she knew how stupid you had become, she would disown you.

    You, not I, are behind the news. Your numbers are correct, if you lock in all the governors as of November 5, 2018. Unfortunately for you, and good for the Democrats, democratic candidates flipped SEVEN republican governors into the democratic column. 33 Republican governors minus 7, and 16 Democratic governors plus seven equals (it is actually just subtraction and addition, which you should have learned in elementary school) 26 Republican governors and 23 Democratic governors, with the other being Alaska, which switched from Independent to Republican. Thus 27 to 23.

    As I said, if you freeze history (or just lie, as you did), then the numbers are significantly different if you look to the results of the election. DS.
  • @error, can you hear yourself? Didn't you liberals said that the blue wave will wash on the Senate the governorship but only made a drizzle in the house. Lol....

    @SaremChuuk, insults are the last resort of a losing
  • One more Democrat flips Utah district by defeating Mia Love. Now 39 flipped seats in the House.

    BTW, unless you can provide proof, you and other Atomwaffen are the only ones to allege that Democrats claimed they would take the Senate and a majority of governors. Most Democrats, being intelligent people, are much more circumspect than Republicans untethered to the truth.
  • And if "insults are the last resort of a losing side" then I guess the Republicans, led by the Insulter-in-Chief Herr Drumpf, are certain to lose even more spectacularly in 2020 than they did two weeks ago. Especially when the House Oversight Committee, the House Intelligence Committee, and the House Government Oversight Committee begin the public examination of the past two years with subpoena power. 44 days to the new Congress.
  • Baby step not a blue wave. Lol.

    All democrats who opposed Trumps nominee kavanuagh all lost their bit for reelection. Lol

    Most democrats being intelligent is a farce. Tell that to the most who still can't get over 2016. Lol

    How many genders are there? Most republicans would say 2 while most democrats would say its a spectrum meaning unlimited. So intelligent.

    Drizzle not blue wave. Lol
  • losing side associate with insults? master and king of insults is Trumpo....
  • losing side has been having a meltdown since 2016.
  • Democrats may have won the house but by a 39 seat margin. That in my opinion was no wave. Not even by a long shot. And whats a wave when it solidify the Republicans control in the Senate? It was a disappointment. Thats what it was.
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