Butthurt....Democrat Stacey Abrams refuse to concede Defeat on Georgia Election

Blue wave? Another democrat who obama campaigned for is losing by 60,000 votes with 99% of precinct reporting and still she refuse to hoise the blue wave flag of defeat. Sore loser!

Stacey Abrams' Refusal To Concede

Democrat Stacey Abrams is refusing to concede to Republican Brian Kemp in what has turned out to be a highly contested gubernatorial race in Georgia. With 99% of the votes reported, Kemp currently leads Abrams by a margin of 63,000 votes. Abrams is fighting for that last 1%. She’s pursuing every available option to ensure that every single vote is counted, and won’t back down until that has happened.

Another democrat in florida whom obama campaigned for is doing the same. Both played the race card and both now is blaming racism to their lost and both refuse to concede.


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    The crooked Republican Governor of the state withhold hundreds of Thousands of Votes, belong to the color people in the State of Atlanta?.. Now this is , even if court had ordered him to release those votes, the Black people are stripped away off their equal rights in the eye of the laws?. that's what the lady is all about. No fake news!

  • lol, blue wave is refusing defeat. lol
  • According to Mormon Church doctrines, she cannot be classified as a "White and Delightsome" person. Instead, she belongs in the "Lamanite" category. And unfortunately for her, she ain't going to Planet Kolob.
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