We'll be o.k

prepare yourself. Trump and his minions won again. This is what happens when you keep repeating his story and give him free press.


  • Prepare yourself, liberal tears are coming. MAGA.
  • Trumpsters lose their majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Are we tired of winning yet? LOL
  • wow 28 majority in the house is something to celebrate. What happened to that wave? where is it? hahahaha. 2016 got repeated yesterday. The house is a lame duck house.

    GOP got what it wanted control of the Senate. hahaha

    blue wave?
  • democrats on losing 9 out of 10 special selections in 2017. Its a moral Victory.

    Those illegals in that caravan didn't arrive on time to bring that blue wave. hehehe

    democrats on losing BIGLY in yesterday's election. Its a moral Victory.

    No Blue wave but a moral Victory.
  • 28 seat lead in the house is not a blue wave is a blue fart. lol
  • It all went down hill the moment Obama came out. And when those assholes in Hollywood chimed in. Beto lost to Cruz, DeSantis defeated Gillium, Blackburn defeated Bredesen. 3 democrats seats in the Senate flipped red. All voted against Kavanaugh.

    28 seat majority in the house won't do much. The Senate went farther right. jesus it christ was a fiasco. i knew it was all for naught the moment trump went campaigning for his side.

    The message was all wrong.
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